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Glamorous Hair Comes Easy With WEN Hair Care Products

Chaz Dean is a high profile hair stylist that has been in the industry for many years working with celebrities out of Hollywood. He has made many of his own products over the years, including WEN, a line of cleansing conditioners that have had tons of great reviews over the years. A great review of the product can be found on from blogger and hair stylist Emily McClure.

WEN cleansing conditioners are a must try for women who are avid about hair care and stay updated on the high quality products out there, or at the very least, all natural hair products. Even for the many women out there who are experiencing hair issues, like brittle or dry hair, or even hair loss from chemical buildup from other products. Chaz Dean created WEN with the intention of being able to help all women, regardless of their hair type, which is why WEN works on pretty much all women’s hair.

Many women out there have hair problems that they wish to get under control, or they just wish they didn’t have at all. This is what WEN specializes in, as it is capable of working on nearly any hair type. This includes hair that is brittle or damaged also. The all natural ingredients in WEN were specially picked to allow it to provide a deep cleanse while removing any chemical buildup from other products. The special formula Chaz Dean used to create WEN, the “5 in 1” formula, also allows it to be used in place of other traditional hair care products, including shampoos, conditioners, detanglers, deep conditioners, and overnight conditioners. WEN cleansing conditioners come at the fair price of $40 dollars a bottle or less – available on Sephora, Amazon and Guthy-Renker, this is a steal compared to the prices charged at many high profile salons.

Of course WEN is free of any chemicals such as sulfates itself, and because it is so gentle it is recommended for daily use. It can even be used with other styling products for the hair, as long as they are not full of harsh chemicals.

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Securus Group, a company whose headquarters are in Dallas Texas serves about 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and correctional agencies and close to 1.2 million inmates in North America. This organization is, therefore, committed to making the world a safer place and this is backed up by its most recent launch of a voice detecting software known as the Investigator ProTM 4.0.


This software is a new invention and is set to make the investigator’s work of tracking inmate conversations much easier. It can track gang-related and high-interest cases through identification of both the inmate and the called parties’ voices.


This method is more efficient as opposed to the use of PIN/ID or telephone numbers since it gives more information such as: Are there any other inmates talking to this specific party? Was the inmate ever in prison for another crime? And are any prisoners in communication with a released prisoner? This information is valuable in identifying criminal networks and incoming threat.


This software will be a game changer in this field by providing improved investigation and communication information management. Indeed, the investment of close to $600 million in July 2016 by Securus in technologies, patent and acquisitions is a brave move which is bearing fruit. The company will reap more favorable revenue from this new software taking into consideration its broad scope of operation in the United States of America and Canada.


Securus JTL continues working towards improved service delivery in providing emergency response, incident management, public information, inmate self-service, communication management and biometric analysis to all stakeholders.

There is hope that the invention of Investigator ProTM 4.0. will result in resourceful changes in how communication crime is being handled.Securus JTL is also expected to come up with more innovations in future .


Venezuelan Businessman Adrián José Velásquez Figueroa Is Helping Improve The Panamanian Economy

Adrián José Velásquez Figueroa is one of those natural born entrepreneurs. Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa was born in Venezuela, and at a very early age, he knew he was destined to be a business leader. Venezuela was enjoying the benefits of having one of the largest oil deposits in the world, and President Hugo Chavez was spending the country’s oil money to improve living conditions, and to help the poor become middle-class citizens when Figueroa lived there. Chavez was a born leader, and Figueroa wanted to emulate the good qualities of a leader in his business endeavors. Before Figueroa joined the business world he was a captain in the Venezuelan army, and he also became a chief in the Department of Security while Chavez was president. But the business world was where Figueroa wanted to be. But doing business in Venezuela under the Chavez regime was a challenge. Figueroa decided that Panama was the country that offered the best business opportunities, so he moved there.

Panama is a country that needs economic help. The economy of Panama could be stronger if more entrepreneurs made Panama a priority, according to Adrián José Velásquez Figueroa. Figueroa started five companies in Panama on, and over the last five years he learned how to turn a profit in the challenging business environment in this country. Some people consider Panama part of North America, while other people think the country is in Central America on Twitter. Whatever the name of the location, Figueroa has developed an eight rule business bible for young entrepreneurs that want to make money in Panama.

The eight rules aren’t facts that are new or innovative. They are rules that successful business people follow no matter where they live. Rule number one is to become a groundbreaker in a specific sector of business. A groundbreaker is someone that leads instead of follows. Rule number two is, be flexible under stress and be mobile in terms of location. Adrián José Velásquez Figueroa likes the Internet businesses that follow this rule. Rule number three is to hook up with a partner that has a similar work ethic. And rule number four is to cherish the work experience as much as a formal education.

The fifth rule is to do the work. Don’t take shortcuts. The sixth rule is set a budget and keep costs down. Rule number seven is a failure is a learning experience, so have a plan if failure is imminent. Rule number eight is, always admit mistakes and learn from them. 

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Lip Balms to Help Dry Lips

Evolution of Smooth Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres
In their fun and funky spheres, Evolution of Smooth Visibly Smooth Soft Spheres are enriched with nourishing and conditioning Shea Butter, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. This lip balm is 99% all natural and is free from paraben, petroleum, gluten, and phthalate. The fun and nourishing lip balms come in three delicious flavors: coconut milk, blackberry nectar, and vanilla mint. Glides on smooth and clear, leaving lips feeling soft and looking beautiful.

Evolution of Smooth comes in so many other formulations. Organic EOS is a 95% organic and 100% all natural option to the original. Active protection EOS gives customers the visibly smooth lips but with extra sunscreen protection. EOS Shimmer Lip balm gives you soft lips with a little shine to glam up your look. EOS offers their customers the best in lip care for any need. Check out their products on and

For more information about the Evolution of Smooth company, visit

Kiehl’s Lip Balm

Kiehl’s is a classic name is protecting the skin against dry and extreme weather. The lip balm is no different. The best selling lip balm contains smoothing emollients Squalane, Lanolin and Sweet Almond Oil. This balm helps to repair those dry cracked lips and helps to protect them from the elements that can dry them out like cold weather and wind. An ideal lip balm for those with dry lips or wanting to prevent dry lips.



Martin Lustgarten is a Brilliant International Investor

The economy is recovering from the largest recession since the 1920s, and people are becoming increasingly optimistic about their future. People are planning for their retirement and they are looking to brilliant investment minds for guidance. What once seemed like a far-off dream is now a reality for many Americans, retirement is coming. Men and women around the world are looking for expert advice on their retirement plan and people like Martin Lustgarten are here to help. Martin Lustgarten is a brilliant financial mind with years of experience within the industry.

Martin Lustgarten is a citizen of both Venezuela and Austria. Holding citizenship with both countries is a major asset for Martin and his clients. Martin is able to invest heavily in both markets and he has a keen understanding of how the European and South American markets operate. This inside knowledge has helped Martin reach the very top of the investment banking industry.

Martin is one of the biggest proponents of international investments within the investment world. When others were concerned with the inherent risk that international investments present, Martin strongly believed that international investments were actually the safe bet. By investing internationally Martin is able to spread his wealth around, ensuring that no crisis has a huge impact on his wealth. This international strategy has caught on throughout the investment world and is now practiced by almost every successful international banker.

Martin might believe in investing internationally, but he is also never too far from his investments. Martin invests a great deal of time and energy into staying on top of the market. He knows that having the right information at the right time can make himself thousands, so he uses all his resources to guarantee a great result.

Investors that wish to grow as individuals and as investors should look up to Martin. He applies a great deal of work ethic and knowledge into everything he does and the results are clear. The economy is only going to grow from here and people like Martin Lustgarten will reap most of the rewards from that growth. Lustgarten is here to stay and he has a bright future ahead.


Dr.Avi Weisfogel Efforts toTreat Sleep Apnea

For the past few years, sleep apnea effects have become increasingly destructive thus calling for the need to be addressed. A recent research clearly showed the close relationship between sleep apnea disorder and other serious health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and stroke among others. With the tremendous rise of these serious and dangerous complications comes a sense of urgency to identify proper treatments for sleep apnea as well as a renewed study. Dr.Avi Weisfogel who is the founder and chief executive officer of Dental Sleep Master has taken the initiative to find treatments for sleep disorders and advance the industry as a whole.


Advancements of Sleep Apnea Solutions and Research


Avi Weisfogel has dedicated much of his time diagnosing and treating patients with sleep apnea. According to statistics, 90% of those infected with sleep apnea disorder remain undiagnosed and this puts their lives at risk. This disorder is a timely issue that requires fast and increased awareness. With the help of experienced specialists at Dental Sleep Masters, Dr. Avi Weisfogel strives to shine a light and create awareness on this serious condition. Dental Sleep Masters has developed a new model for secondary and primary care physicians as well as certified sleep physicians inclusive of the specific sleep labs they operate. This model is aimed at increasing medical opportunities for the community and offer better care and results to patients with sleep apnea disorder.


Additionally, dentists have joined the sleep physicians to offer clinical support to those suffering from this serious condition. As more breakthroughs emerge, there are higher chances to find the best treatment for sleep apnea disorder. Due to an increased number of cases of unresponsiveness of patients to the previous mechanical treatment, new devices are to be developed in clinical care facilities to ensure patients get the best treatment.


About Dr. Avi Weisfogel


Avi Weisfogel has a wide and extensive background in sleep disorders and sleep treatment. He established Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999 and under his direction this facility developed to a successful venture. Through his hard work, he has managed to win various accolades such as the best dentist for multiple years.


Smooth Lips Float Ships!

There is an old WWII saying: “Loose lips sink ships!”. This saying was meant to discourage people from talking about the war effort in a way that could spread secrets to America’s enemies. Yet in that vein, when the war was over, what is one of the most famous moments anyone remembers? It’s when that sailor gets home to New York, grabs a nurse, and gives her a Hollywood level kiss in the middle of the street. See, what kept that man going was the knowledge that when he got home, there were millions of women just like that lady who were beautiful, and just waiting for him to serve America’s enemies so he could retire in safety. But what if her lips had been cracked, unkempt, and unattractive? Would the war effort have gone as well? Would he have been so ready to grab her and make history with a smooch like that? Probably not. While loose lips sink ships, smooth lips float them!
To have the smoothest, most sensuous lips, you’re going to need products which don’t use hazardous cosmetic materials. To that end, Evolution of Smooth has developed a line of lip spheres and sticks which do not use parabens or petrolatum. Additionally, they’re loaded down with essential vitamins and minerals. Expect each balm from Evolution of Smooth to have heady doses of Vitamin E, jojoba oil, and shea butter.

Evolution of Smooth features three primary families of lip balm. There is the “Shimmer Smooth” line, designed to leave lips sensuous and sparkling as though they were perpetually moist, there’s the noticeably soft line designed to make lips look and feel more soft and inviting, and there’s the active protection line which helps those who live in harsher climates, or who may have a genetic predisposition toward cracked lips. EOS lip balms are sold online, visit or to purchase. Also check this one out:



Clay Siegall Is the CEO of Seattle Genetics

Clay Siegall is one of the people responsible for the founding of Seattle Genetics. He currently serves as the company’s CEO. He was appointed in 2013 to the board of directors of a company called Mirna Therapeutics. They operate within the biotech industry and have their headquarters in Austin, Texas. They are primarily focused on researching cures for cancer. Clay Siegall has experience in this particular field. This is one of the reasons why the company was so interested in having him become a part of their organization. Dr. Paul Lammers is Mira Therapeutics President and CEO. He said that he is very excited to work closely with someone who has the credentials of Dr. Siegall.

Clay was an outstanding student as a child. This allowed him to have his pick of colleges that were all eager to accept him. He decided to go to the University of Maryland. He was not sure what field he should major in. He finally decided on zoology because of his love for animals. He also chose this major because there were a wide range of jobs that he could get with a degree in this field after he graduated. However, he decided to continue his higher education after obtaining his bachelor’s degree in zoology. He applied to George Washington University where he was accepted into their genetics program. He wound up earning a PhD in this field. One of his first jobs following his graduation was at the National Cancer Institute. He also held various positions at the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute and the National Institute of Health.

Clay always had the desire to go into business for himself. He had some ideas for various businesses that he would like to operate. However, he found it difficult to get all of the financing in place. It was 1998 when he finally put all of the pieces in place to officially launch Seattle Genetics. Clay’s leadership as the CEO of Seattle Genetics has enabled them to create cancer therapies that are antibody-based. He is the holder of 16 patents and has published 75 articles and books.



Lime Crime Video Lip Swatches Features 24 Lime Crime Velvetines Colors

Velvetines are waterproof matte liquid lipstick from Lime Crime. These 24 different colors that go on easy like lip gloss and dry like matte. The texture is described as like rose petals.It goes on easily with the lip brush they provide.

In the video Lip Swatches 24 Lime Crime Velvetines, blogger Celia Leslie, tries on 24 dazzling colors. In the video, she say that she loves all the colors. Some of the lips colors in the video are Buffy, Squash, Bleached, Riot, Shroom, Faded, Polly, Teddy Bear Saint, True Love, Utopia, Beet It, Pumpkin, Red Velvet, Wicked, Cement, Peacock, Pansy, Fetish, Jinx and Trouble. It show the wide range of brilliant colors the Velvetines line has.

Buffy is the color of nude or being in the buff. It is a neutral color great for wearing to work or school. Squash is a light orange hue designed for the fall and winter season. Wear it to work, school, or for casual wear. Bleach has a peachy nude color that goes well on any occasion. Riot has a red brown color that is great for the fall and winter season. These lipsticks are easy to remove with oil or waterproof makeup remover.

The color Shroom is a camel brown color that matches fall and winter clothing for work or school. Faded is a light mauve a color that reminds one of spring and summer. True Love is a vibrant pinky red hue designed for dinner dates and night clubs. Velvetines are vibrant colors that go well with everything. Fashion is often a personal choice.

Lime Crime is a cosmetic company that began in 2008 by Doe Deere. She started the company because she could not find makeup bright enough to match her wardrobe. She launched Unicorn Lipstick in 2009 and Velvetines in 2012. She lead the cosmetic industry in the liquid to matte industry trend. These products are vegan.

Doe Deere oversees product development and marketing. As a child growing up she enjoyed using colored pencils, paints and dressing in colorful clothing. She was born in Russia and grew up in New York City. She named the business Lime Crime after her favorite bright green colors. She says it stands for the color revolution and breaking the rules. Lime Crime develops and sells lipstick, eye liner, eye makeup, and hair colors.


Dr Walden’s Services Demand a Waiting List

Plastic surgery has reached popularity in the past decade that few probably predicted. Even with all the noninvasive procedures now available such as peels, laser treatments and Botox, plastic surgery hasn’t slowed at all.

Not surprisingly Dr. Jennifer Walden is cited in this article that list the best cosmetic surgeons today. Trained in New York at the renown Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat center, this Texan has excelled in every aspect of her life. From her impressive schooling accomplishments while at the University of Texas (Graduated with Honors) to extracurricular function (elected President of the Texas Alpha Chapter of Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society), her accomplishment and success have followed into her professional career.

That professional career hit full stride upon her decision to go back home to Austin, Texas. Although Jennifer admits there was some concern about having a client base there (New York and California are known as the mecca of plastic surgery), today it isn’t uncommon to find Dr. Walden with a client waiting list at her business, the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center.

Scholarships, awards, accolades and now success at the highest level is perhaps why hers is a name that may get passed around at certain circles during special events and fundraisers. The best in their fields are generally pretty easy to spot, as is the crowd that follows them. Dr. Walden has arrived, and for those seeking the best in cosmetic surgery her name isn’t likely unfamiliar – but they may have to wait a bit for an appointment.