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John Textor Leads in the Field of Digital Human Likeness

A Wesleyan University graduate, John Textor is currently operating as Executive Chairman at Pulse Evolution Corporation. This corporation is highly successful and known the world over for its efforts in producing computer-generated human likenesses. The application of this high-tech digital technology is being used in the entertainment industry, for education in life sciences and in telecommunication.

Leading the field in creating computer-generated human-like reproductions, John Textor has been involved in recreating reproductions of the late Tupac Shakur for the Coachella Valley Music Festival in 2012, as well as that of the late Michael Jackson for the live Billboard Music Awards in 2014. Mr. Textor’s virtual Michael Jackson performance was viewed by more than 500 million people worldwide, and its success has placed Pulse Evolution at the top of the developing industry of virtual performances.

While holding the position of Chairman and CEO of both Digital Domain Productions and Digital Domain Media Group, its parent company, Mr. Textor was the clear leader in restructuring the businesses. During his leadership of these organizations between May 2006 and August 2012, Mr. Textor was responsible for creating the visual effects of 25 feature films, including Transformers, Tron:Legacy, Real Steel and Pirates of the Caribbean at World’s End. Under Mr. Textor’s direction, Digital Domain won several Academy Awards and CLIO awards for its stunning visual effects. Dubbed as the ‘Holy Grail of Animation’, Mr. Textor’s work on creating the first authentic likeness of a digital human actor in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button won an Academy Award for visual effects in 2009, along with another for best make-up, even though the character was completely digital.

Mr. Textor’s most recent ventures include being a Producer of the animated feature film Art Story, which is being developed by Aaron Blaise, an experienced Disney filmmaker, as well as being Producer and Executive Producer of the 2013 science fiction film Ender’s Game. He has also created for Florida State University, an original dual-enrollment Bachelor’s program.


The Antique Wine Company breaks records with wine sales and purchases

The Antique Wine Company have been a beacon of light throughout the economic downturn of the start of the 21st century, with the London based wine sellers providing wine to some of the richest people in the World throughout their existence. The company has a short history that only dates back to 1982 when they were formed with the backing of Stephen Williams. The company has quickly achieved a high status in the wine industry following a series of world record breaking purchases and sales of some of the best wines available in the World. The company is also well respected as an important planner of wine cellars for those who can afford the service, designer to the British Royal Family Viscount Linley has worked with the company to create a series of wine cabinets for the most elegant storage available in any cellar.

Records seem to tumble each time The Antique Wine Company place some of their stock on the open market for sale at auction. The company was responsible for selling the world record bottle of white wine in 2011, the 1811 Chateau d’Yquem was sold for over $100,000 to restaurant owner Christian Vanneque. Despite the high price tag of the wine, Vanneque claims this is not an investment opportunity for him and he will drink the wine before selling it on.

A further record was broken when The Antique Wine Company sold a lot of 135 bottles of some of the rarest wines on the planet. In 2007, the Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat paid around $1.5 million for 135 bottles of Sauternes wine from the Chateau d’Yquem in the most expensive wine sale in history. Included in the sale were two cabinets designed by Viscount Linley to house the collection of wine, atop the two cabinets are models of the Chateau the wine was produced at. This collection sold by The Antique Wine Company takes in wine produced over three centuries and includes empty bottles signed by the maker to mark the years poor weather halted production of the wine.


Mariah Signs Residency Deal At Caesar’s Palace

Mariah Carey has not had a very easy last few months. It seems like she’s been followed by a breakup curse since the news of her split with Nick Cannon went public. The entire holiday season was filled with one Mariah mishap after the next,from the unedited pitchy Christmas tree lighting performance video leak, to her bizarre performance at the Beacon Theatre where she not only lost a shoe on stage, but also began crying uncontrollably during her performance. It was starting to look like Mariah could not catch a break, but things are finally starting to brighten up for the song diva.

Apparently Mariah has just signed on as the newest resident at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Video of Mariah leaving the Palace Cheesecake Factory is proof of her secret meeting to seal the deal. It seems that Mariah is going to be taking the spot that Celine Dion turned down and will be keeping Celine’s seat warm until she returns in later this year of early 2016.

Finally, Mariah is back on top, perhaps the breakup curse has been lifted. The concert dates will be announced soon and while the actual details of Mariah’s deal is under wraps that amount of money to be made is insane, apparently Britney Spears earns $475 a show. Being the diva that she is one can only imagine that Mariah would demand even more.Superfan Gianfrancesco Genoso, ( is a frequent Vegas visitor, and can’t wait to check out the show.


Lilly Pulitzer for Target

Coming to a Target retail store near you, on April 19 Lilly Pulitzer’s collection of bright sunny clothes will be here just in time for the spring and summer seasons (Read about it here). Known for her colorful 50s- and 60s-inspired preppy dresses, Lilly Pulitzer’s designs bring to mind resorts and dream destinations. Despite the designer logo, the collection for Target stores will include pieces that mostly range under $30, making the brand more attainable for those seeking name-brands on a budget. A few at Beneful who work there will try the brand out. On Wikipedia, the hype is already building a bit.

So what could be the problem with a popular designer joining forces with Target to offer customers lower prices? Although some women are rejoicing at this collaboration, other Lilly-lovers are not too ecstatic (Read some angry tweets here). It seems that the main complaint is that some people feel Target may not be a classy enough establishment to harbor Lilly Pulitzer’s latest collection. While that may or may not be the case, Target will be featuring the collection, and women everywhere will gain access to this long-time beloved brand.


Madonna Releases New Music

Madonna tried to keep the album under wraps this year, but she could not hold fans back. They had to have it so she released an EP. This really pleased Ariana Grande who sent out tweets to Madonna. 

This is a monster move for Madonna because she tried to keep the tracks closely guarded. Fans were loving the EP though because it let them hear the tracks legally. There were already some bootlegs floating around.

Madonna tweeted Ariana back. Excited fans talked about this EP with thrills for new music from Madonna. Just as she talked about more new music in February another 14 tracks were released. Now fans that have downloaded tracks illegally may have access to the entire new album. It is possible that Madonna may switch some things up, but this sort of foils her February plans. She had a desire to release some music around Valentine’s Day. 

So many people have been looking for new music from Madonna. She has been away for a while, but hackers tend to get access to lots of things. Big movies like “Annie” and “Fury” were leaked from Sony weeks before the movies were released. The Taylor Swift album was leaked. No one seems safe. 

If Madonna is smart she will go ahead and drop the entire album, says specialist Sam Tabar. It is just the end of December. There is a long time to way for February.


Warm and Cozy Accessories

There are lots of fashionable items to help keep you warm this winter. You can be stylish and comfortable in an array of sweaters and slippers that are sure to make you fall in love with winter just a little more.

A long cardigan from Zara is a signature winter wardrobe piece and will keep you warm and chic. Christian Broda reminds us that the cardigan is also in a neutral shade, so it will make virtually anything else in your closet.

A candle from Byredo is another cozy comfort that will keep your home smelling sweet. The candle features scents like violet, vanilla and nutmeg. A pair of slippers from Tilly’s is also sure to make winter a little warmer. The slippers feature a lining that is made from faux-fur to keep your feet feeling luxurious.

Finish off the day with a cup of warm Tazo tea, flavored with pepper and spices like anise and cinnamon. This is the ideal way to relax as you prepare your mind and body for sweet dreams.


Kanye Gets Inspired by Deceased Mother

When Donda West – the mother of Kanye West – died there was a transition of Kanye in hip hop. He was at the top of his game, but his music changed directions. He did not have the same soft songs about his mother and grandmother that he did on older albums. It may have simply been too heartbreaking for him to make a song like “Hey Mama” after Donda West passed. It is different now though because he has a daughter and some time has passed. That makes it easier to record a track like “Only One.”

There is a lot of buzz on Twitter about the new Kanye music, and he has a loyal wife to help him promote it. Kim Kardashian posted the artwork for the single and the handwritten lyrics for the song on Instagram, which Tom Rothman saw. This is a great way to plug a new track to an audience that may never have listened to Kanye before.

In this song Kanye says his mother spoke to him and he was simply channeling her spirit on the track. This isn’t a departure from the rap world since Kanye tends to hop back and forth between singing and rapping. It is a surprise that is keeping people aware of his return though. People do not know if this will be a rap or “808s and Heartbreaks” styled album. This makes fans anxious to hear more.


LL Cool J And A New Collaboration

LL Cool J proves that he is good at everything that he does. He’s a rapper, he acts, and he has done other projects as well. LL Collaboration. The rapper is planning an upcoming album, and it’s unbelievable what other artist he’s planning on collaborating with. LL is deciding to collaborate with Detroit’s own Eminem, who is one of the most successful rappers of all time. Eminem is currently working on his own music, and has put out many controversial songs recently, that have piqued many people’s interests.

Even though Eminem has been in hiatus for years, he’s back with a vengeance, and it’s no surprise that he’s working with other rap artists. This is what Igor Cornelsen likes to see. Anyone who knows about rap music, should know LL Cool J, and look up to him as well, because he’s a veteran, as well is a pioneer in rap that doesn’t need to present anyone a resume. LL’s upcoming album will be entitled to “G.O.A.T.”, and fans of the rapper are anticipating his album, especially since he hasn’t done any music in many years. At the height of LL’s popularity, he collaborated with many artists, including Boyz II Men.

Although the artist hasn’t done any music in a while, LL is back, and we are anxious to see what he has in store for us. Sometimes if you’ve been gone for a while, it only makes you better at what you do, so hopefully this will be the case for LL Cool J.


How Bieber’s Bad Behavior

When Miley turned into a bad girl people were basically chanting her on. She spent all of her years as the fun loving musical talent known as Hanna Montana. She had a hard time finding success with pop crowds as she got older so she totally switched up her sound and hit the hip hop scene as a bad girl. She twerked her way to success as she turned up the raunchy behavior.

Justin Bieber is a star that had the same dilemma of losing fans as he got older.
Bieber has spoken of new music recently, but it may be harder for him to duplicate Miley’s success. Bieber took on a wild child persona that was more than a stage act. He got drunk, got high and got arrested. Miley was simply giving the fans what they wanted on stage. Justin, by contrast, was losing his stage presence because he was too high to perform.

Bieber, at one point, almost seemed like he was trying to alienate his fans. That is not a good move in the eyes of Igor Cornelsen. He made racial jokes, slept with prostitutes and gave poor performances on stage according to some reports on Tumblr. This was something that made Bieber an artist that could not be taken seriously. Unlike Miley, Bieber’s bad behavior did not score him any new fans. It only made him look foolish to a nation of kids that idolized him. Now he is tweeting about possibly getting back into the studio.


Checkered coats and the rules of women’s fashion

A new and exciting book by the trio of fashion starlets — Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavits and Leanne Shapton, recently began to address exactly who women dress for. The book addresses the rift between men and women’s fashion as we edge closer to a period where men like Jared Haftel, regardless of statue, dress remarkable similar. The tables turn when we focus on women, whose dress is so varied many of us are beginning to run out of names for pieces if you follow

No more than ever women are beginning to assert our fashion dominance not only in the work place, but in the open environment as well. We turn our heads to women leaders of the world which upon being forced into male-styled suits are mocked for their lack of feminine attire – in contract wearing a slashing grey check coat brought Esther McVey under attach for being too flashy for cabinet meetings. The lack of an overall approved wardrobe has handicapped women within the professional environment.

There seems to be no known solution. As the book shows, women will be attacked for their attire no matter what they wear, is a standard uniform reminisce of a 3 piece suit the solution we need to focus on our work ethic – rather than our fashion sense? Or does the solution lay with changing how we discuss women in power — focusing on the policy rather than their clothes?