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Skout Opens the Door to a Plethora of Possibilities

I have a new favorite app on my phone that I cannot stop using. This app is called Skout. It has become an essential part of my daily routine, and this is all because it has so many profiles. There are people that I have met on Skout that I have been able to date. There are others that I have been able to befriend. There are even people here that have been instrumental in helping me find jobs. I don’t know of any other app out there that gives people the chance to discover so many other people.

Skout is an amazing app because it really levels the playing field. It has become this app that leads to a lot of better conversations before dates. This is huge because so many people meet potential mates in person and find themselves struggling to actually bond after one or two dates. I meet people on Skout and establish a friendship first. This makes it much easier to have better conversation when I go out on a date. Skout on twitter has helped me meet those local singles that are interested in going on dates, but I have also met some friends that just want to hang out. I enjoy it all. It certainly has helped me build a better network of friends. It has also helped me pinpoint better dating opportunities.

Skout is good because it just helps me realize the people that do not quite fit into my life. There are those that are easy to hold a conversation with, and there are others that are not so easy to hold a conversation with. Through Skout I can learn which is which. It can be difficult for me to let someone down in person. With Skout I can stop bad friendship before they unfold. I can say no to the dates that would just turn out to be bad dates. It is so much easier to let things transpire through my app because it saves me time. It also saves a lot of other people heartache.

My experiences with Skout have been good. Over the years I have met some random strangers through the “shake to chat” feature. I have also clicked some profiles of people that were online and sent them messages. I have just been lucky I guess because I have also picked people that were friendly and easy to get along with. I have had friends that have thanked me for introducing them to the app. It is probably the best app that you can get for social media. I know friends that have tons of social media apps on their phones, but it seems like this is such a waste of space. I use Skout because it is just one account to log on. I have one password. That is so simple. I don’t want to log on to Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat and Google+ all in the course of one day. That is just time consuming and unproductive.


Optimistic Outlook for the Coming Ski Season

Predictions of a wet and stormy El Nino winter in California this ski season have many in the skiing industry concerned. Andy Wirth is not one of them. He remains optimistic about the coming ski season. Come rain or snow Wirth has a strategic plan in place for great skiing at Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ski resorts.

Andy Wirth is the President and CEO of the Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ski resorts in Olympic Valley, California. In a recent interview with KCRW’s Madeleine Brand Wirth outlined his plan to manage the resorts during tricky winter weather. He said the resorts have become adept at managing the snowfall they do receive by strategically closing portions of the resort and using the areas with the most snow. Snow machines are used to compensate when the weather isn’t cooperative.

There have been predictions that the four-year drought in California will devastate the ski industry. The last ski season saw skier visits down by twenty-percent. Instead of buckling ski resorts are diversifying. There is a concerted effort by ski resorts to attract visitors to their resorts during the off-season. Hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities are plentiful during the summer months. Squaw Valley, for example, has hosted the Ironman triathlon for many years. Wirth notes that the resort was sold out most of last summer.

Wirth became the President and CEO of Squaw Valley in 2010. He is a mountain resort and ski industry veteran with twenty-five winters under his belt. Wirth is no stranger to adversity. He nearly lost his arm in a skydiving accident in 2013. Twenty-three operations and hours of physical therapy have allowed him to regain partial use of his arm.

Wirth is also well known for his philanthropic contributions. He regularly contributes to environmental and community service organizations as well as working actively with organizations as a board member. He was recognized as the Citizen of the Year by Disabled Sports USA in 2014.

The grit and determination that saw Wirth through his many surgeries may be the defining characteristic that will help see him through whatever the coming ski season will bring. If the past is any indication, Andy Wirth will face any challenges to the ski industry head on.


Human Rights As Purpose And Goal

Supporting human rights goes so much farther than simply going to a demonstration or sending money to a far away country. It is the adherence to a set of moral rules that dictate a standard of how we interact and treat people. It is, simply put, integrity.

This integrity mandates that those who support human rights do what is right all the time, even when they are doing so without anyone knowing about it. These principles are the parameter through which we gauge how to behave and act both in public and in private.

While these moral standards are expected to be applied across the board for all people no matter what their position in society, some do not adhere to them and behave as they wish. Such people can be seen in positions of power and influence and sometimes cause great emotional and physical detriment to others.

Yeonmi Park is someone who has had first hand experience with being on the receiving end of such individuals. She had to flee her home country of North Korea because of the lack of human rights she felt existed. She had to endure unreal conditions such as severe hunger and unspeakable violence.

She was not always on the receiving end of such atrocities. She was born into a family that was a part of the ruling elite in North Korea. Her mom was a nurse for the army and her father was a civil servant for the Worker’s Party. When circumstances and political parties changed, so did her comfortable life and freedom.

She soon found herself on the receiving end of a government that was less than tolerant of differences and personal opinions. She found herself constantly scared of being watched and followed and soon found herself a witness to the killing of a close family friend.

We all have an inherent human vulnerability. This is what makes us all human. It is when this vulnerability becomes the paranoia of a ruling class that seeks to make conformity the norm and punishes differences. Yeonmi of and her family soon found that fleeing North Korea was their only choice.

There has been a lot of debate over what human rights entail. Some feel that it is an obligation that we all owe each other as inhabitants of the planet. Still others believe that it is a set of guidelines that can be bent and altered as needed to ensure the safety of the greater whole of each society.

Everyone agrees that this talk of human rights should be something that is universal for every person in every country. That is about where the agreement over the term ends. Whether one lives in Zimbabwe or Paris human rights should entail a life without fear, pain or suffering. One should not be submitted to harm at the hands of others, and the basic needs of existence should be something that all can attain no matter what their status is in society. Finding a decent life should not be hard, and one should be allowed to pursue it to the best of their ability.


The Success Of John Textor

The entertainment industry is filled with countless executives, crew members, actors and musicians. There are many people involved in the process of making art for the world. These days, the entertainment industry is always evolving and changing the technology they use. One of the most advanced technologies that Hollywood is using are holograms. Now, the idea of a hologram is now being considered as digital humans. The concept of digital humans is a more advanced hologram that looks exactly like the individual. This digital human technology has been used to bring back some of our most favorite actors and musicians. World famous musicians such as Michael Jackson and Tupac have been brought back to life thanks to the technology of digital humans.

John Textor is the executive that played a role in developing the digital human technology and working with the estates of these artists to get their likeness approved. John Textor is the executive chairman of Pulse Evolution, the company that creates this technology. Before working with Pulse Evolution, John Textor was the CEO and chairman of Digital Domain Productions where he led their acquisition and restructuring departments. While at Digital Domain Productions, John Textor worked on large scale feature films such as Flag of our Fathers, Transformers, Tron:Legacy, Pirates of the Caribbean at World’s End and Real Steel. During the leadership of John Textor, Digital Domain Productions experienced some of its best days. During that time Digital Domain Productions won multiple Academy Awards, Clio awards and was regarded as the first company specializing in visual effects to create a believable digital human actor.

John Textor has also been involved in the creation and filming of an animated film called Art Story with an experienced Disney animator. John Textor was also the executive producer and producer of a science fiction fantasy film called Ender’s Game, which was released in November of 2013. John Textor has also worked to bring athletes to life with the virtual mets. John Textor and his crew created a video featuring New York Met players that was extremely life-like. This one minute video wowed anyone who saw it.


The Beauty and Cosmetics of Lime Crime

The Lime Crime line is still relatively new, but it is literally taking the world by storm. One of the major things that sets Lime Crime apart from some of the other lines out there is its bold colors and uses of makeup that you probably have never seen before. This is why a lot of people are switching from their subtle looks to their Lime Crime looks in no time flat. It is a company that stands behind their products and wants everyone using them to feel beautiful no matter what type of look they are choosing to go with for themselves.

One of the major things about using Lime Crime is that they have lots of makeup available to the general public. What you are able to find is entirely up to your own likes and interests, and this is definitely a benefit for anyone who would like to make the most out of their look with gorgeous colors that truly ignite. You will find a color and product for you when you begin to look into the Lime Crime brand. You can also purchase the items online and in exclusive stores if this is something that you would like to do.

You will find that the Lime Crime brand, while still new, is growing very quickly and is being used by quite a number of cosmetics people. You may find bloggers raving about their products or people who are quite savvy with makeup using the Lime Crime brand and line for themselves. Once you see just how popular this line of cosmetic is, you’ll find that it is easy to get into for yourself as well. This is why Lime Crime is a great brand for just about anyone who is interested in it, so it is definitely worth taking a look at for yourself.

The Lime Crime brand is not stopping when it comes to its growth and potential. You will find news and articles about it in virtually any cosmetic magazine. Their website is also easy to navigate and fun to browse, looking through all of the different products that they have available to you. If you would like to try their products out, it is easy for you to get what you need and simply feel confident in knowing that Lime Crime is the right cosmetic brand for you and your friends.

While the Lime Crime brand is still incredibly new in its growth and size, it is something to consider if you are looking for makeup that is bold and completely different from anything else that you might have tried in the past. Once you see just how easy it is to try the bold colors made by Lime Crime, you will find that it is fun to mix and match the cosmetics that you are putting onto your skin. You can love a new brand of makeup despite its bold colors, and this is what using Lime Crime is all about for those interested.


Savvy Shoppers are Switching to Slyce’s Advance Image Search Engine

A few years back Amazon introduced an application for iOS users who could point with their device’s camera at items like cereal boxes, DVDs or pretty most common boxed items and have those items recognized so they could manually comparison shop on Amazon. Since Amazon’s Flow introduction, image recognition software experienced very little change. Today, along comes Slyce with an advanced image recognition engine that is putting Amazon Flow to shame. The new advanced applications by Slyce allow the user to take a picture of an item, and instantly, they are presented with that item and similar items for comparison shopping. There is no manual searching involved, and Slyce’s apps can be streamlined to shop at your favorite stores or outlets.

If while walking down a street, a user likes a pair of jeans someone is wearing, Slyce lets that user just take a picture and up pops the jeans on their screen and all the information they could want about them all in one click. Slyce allows for real time comparison shopping by searching databases across various retailers. For example, if a favorite store is out of an item, Slyce offers alternative retailers who carry the item. No more weeding through web page after web page to find that hard to find Christmas toy because Slyce brings it right to your fingertips. Just snap a picture of the toy, and Slyce does the work. It takes the hit and miss out of shopping for hard to find items by taking the user right to a source who has it in stock.

Slyce is very flexible, and it lets retailers accept coupons and purchases on the spot, and they can tailor the presentation of their wares in new ways. Macy’s and Neiman Marcus are already on board with their own Slyce applications, and new retailers are added every day. Slyce’s databases are massive, and the search speed is lightning fast. Slyce’s SnipSnap application is a coupon clipper, and it stores that coupon and presents it when a picture of the matching is taken. Pounce and Craves are Slyce’s fashion apps, and their Drivetrain application works on the retailer’s side. It’s easy to understand why Slyce is taking internet shopping by storm, and changing the way retailers interact with today’s savvy shoppers.


Functions of Human Rights Activists Like Yeonmi Park

As technology reaches every part of the globe, human rights activists have been gaining ground in the public eye. They have been imperative in engaging the governments and ensuring that the rights of the citizens are safeguarded. However, in furtherance of their objectives, the police have physically assaulted some of them while the governments have imprisoned some of the activists. Some of the human rights defenders have risked imprisonment, torture, harassment and to some extent, death.
Most of the human rights activists undertake their duties with the view to changing the practices and policies of various international institutions in addition to the various governments. In order to have a meaningful campaign for their human rights course, the activists undertake in-depth investigations related to the allegations over human rights abuse. They conduct high-profile advocacy campaigns that exert pressure on the various public bodies to enhance the existing policies and practices.
Most human rights activists monitor development in human rights in various countries and suggest possible solutions. They pinpoint areas of problems and find like-minded people who can help in addressing the shortcomings in human rights that they have come across during their investigations. It is imperative to note that human rights activists undertake investigations with the view to finding the problem and suggest possible solutions with the help of experts in such areas of concern. In order to address different institutions, human rights activists draft reports and articles related to the existing human rights conditions in a country. These reports elicit public debate and eventually, the government sees the sense in implementing what the public need. Failure for the different institutions to change their policies or approach towards treatment of human rights causes the activists to engage in massive campaigns that reduce the reputation and image of the affected agencies.
Media outreach and advocacy are focused at publicizing and averting instances of human rights violations in the society. The activists must undertake numerous researches in the various issues of human rights abuse raised by the public like police brutality, abuse of workers, civil rights, and punishments among many other cases.
Yeonmi Park was born in 1993. Born in the secretive North Korean country, Park only knew what to say feel and think as these were taught to everybody. She could not trust anyone as the people feared to die if they spoke ill of the regime. Since she escaped from the country, Yeonmi Park has been an active human rights activist on youngvoicesadvocates who has attended different interviews with the view of unmasking the conditions of living in North Korea.
Park was able to understand life of the outside world by watching the film Titanic that had been smuggled into the country. This movie saw her realize the freedom that people had in other countries. Park, her mother and sister were able to escape to China through the frozen river. During their escape, they encountered difficulties along the way but their resolve to freedom made them reach China without being noticed by the authorities.


How Brian Mulligan Became an Opera Singer

Brian Mulligan is believed to be an American operatic baritone. He was Bornin the city of New York, and he studied at the Yale University and also in the Juilliard School. Steve Smith was actually his voice teacher.


Just recently, an interview was conducted in the War Memorial Opera House which is found in San Francisco. Brian mulligan had a lot to say about his career and his achievements though out the years.


Brian mulligan actually grew up in Endicott which is located in the South Central of the New York State. Mulligan was born in a family that is believed to have emigrated from the Irish County of the famous Leitrim. Due to this fact, he actually has dual American and Irish citizenship.


During the interview, Mulligan was asked if his Irish background had influenced him to make the decision of a vocal performance. Brian aid that he was actually very proud to be of Irish origin, but his Irish heritage never influenced his singing career a lot. He said that he loved the country, because he had been going there all his life. When growing up, together with his family, they would listen to the Wolfe Tones and also the Clancy Brothers. Mulligans grandfather used to play the fiddle, and he taught him to play it too. However, he never sang a lot of traditional music Ireland unless he was singing along with a group.


When asked how he started his music, he said that he had always been interested in theater since the time he was in high school. He had been auditioning and performing all that time, until he began singing at the tender age of 17. When singing in high school, Mulligan did the tenor roles of the Motel Kamazoil in Bock’s Fiddler on the Roof and also Tony in Bernstein’s West Side Story.


He was also asked how he started being interested in opera and how he discovered that operatic voice. Mulligan said that while singing in high musicals, his high school teacher, Gloria Richardson had encouraged him to get serious vocal training, and that’s what he actually decided to do. The high school teacher introduced him to Todd Geer, who used to work with the Tri-Cities Opera, which was the local opera institution in Binghamton, New York. Todd was a good voice teacher, and he is actually the person who introduced Brian mulligan in the world of opera.


Stephen P. Murray Grew To Become CEO Of CCMP

CCMP Capital is a limited partnership private equity firm spun out from JPMorgan Chase in 2006. Its headquarters is on Park Avenue in New York and the firm has offices in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and London. The focus of the company is private equity funds, growth capital, and leveraged buyouts. With assets in excess of $12 billion, CCMP Capital is one of the 20 largest private equity funds on the planet. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was actually founded in 1984 as part of Chemical Bank. It was called Chemical Venture Partners. Handling the venture capital and private equity transactions of Chemical Bank was its role.

Three Decades Of Growth

Over the past three decades CCMP has grown significantly. The company’s name has changed numerous times as its parent company, Chemical Bank, has gone through a series of acquisitions. When Chase Manhattan Bank was purchased in 1996 by Chemical Bank, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital’s name was changed to Chase Capital Partners. When the company acquired J.P Morgan & Company in 2000, CCMP became JP Morgan Partners. Over that time CCMP benefitted from the integration of Manufacturers Hanover, Hambrecht & Quist, J.P. Morgan & Co., The Beacon Group, Robert Fleming & Co., and Chase Manhattan’s private equity organizations.

CCMP’s Birth

CCMP’s parent company, JPMorgan Chase, took over Bank One in 2004. Bank One had an excellent private equity group in house. It was decided CCMP, known at that time as JP Morgan Partners, would be spun out and come under the control of Stephen Murray. The name CCMP was created by taking a letter from the name of the companies which gave rise to it. Those companies included JP Morgan Partners, Chase, and Chemical. Chase. Hence they decided on the acronym CCMP. While the decision to spin out CCMP was announced in March 2005, CCMP did not officially come into existence until August, 2006.

Stephen P. Murray Named CEO

Once the decision to spin out CCMP was made, the next decision to be made was who would lead it. Stephen Murray, a financial specialist that had been with the company since 1984, was given the nod. Murray, a philanthropist, family man and graduate of Boston College and Columbia Business School, had begun his career in Manufacturers Hanover’s credit analyst training program. He had remained with the company through all of its acquisitions and name changes. During that time he become a highly skilled, experienced private equity investor.

Murray guided CCMP through the spin outs of Latin America based Linzor Capital Partners, CCMP Capital Asia, and Panorama Capital. He also helped orchestrate some very significant investments. Stephen P. Murray was CEO of CCMP from its formal founding in 2006 until his untimely death at age 52 in 2015.