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‘Gay’ sweater Made From Human Hair To Make Its Toronto Fashion Week Debut

How gay can a sweater be? How about a sweater made out of hair from gay people. If that is shocking, it is the same reaction that the makers of the sweater were hoping for. The gay sweater is set to make its debut at the New York fashion week.

According to the founder of the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity, Jeremy Dias. The making of the sweater was necessitated by people constantly using the term gay in insulting inanimate things like clothes. The sweater is therefore a way of sending out the message that in doing this, they are really insulting gay people.

Mr. Lambranho said that the sweater is really itchy according to Dias but it is also moving how all those gay people decided to contribute their hair, to make the sweater. He went on to add that the sweater makes you feel as you wear it and that that is the most important thing.

Brenna MacDonald and Amelia Lyon are the creators of the sweater. They had to go through garbage bags that had the donated human hair to make Yarn, which they layer knitted into the sweater. They then crocheted the buttons and dyed them.

Touching the hair was rather gross and it took them some time to get used to it. The result was also something that no one would wear but they explained that they were both moved to participate.


Willie Nelson is Selling Pot

Country legend Willie Nelson is now going to profit from his long coveted weed by starting a company called Willie’s Reserve which will sell his brand of weed to everyone who wants it. Until other states legalize it, he will be growing and selling his brand in Colorado and Washington. The people at the magazine Rolling Stone discussed it personally with the star. He says that there are so many different varieties of his pot that his product will be sold in restaurant-like stores complete with vast menus. In addition, Nelson will personally make sure the products at these stores are top quality before they are sold. Music enthusiast Brad Reifler reported that although pot is still illegal in most states, Nelson is confident it will continue to be legalized in many. In fact, he has been at the forefront for the fight toward legalization of marijuana for decades. To this end, his company at all locations will continue in support of this cause.


The Changing Face of Fashion in 2015

It has started with Selfridges in London where clothes would be gender neutral and the hope is that this wonderful phase in global fashion would never end. Recent months have seen a sort of revolutionary movement overtaking the fashion world. Here are some notable things that have happened in the fashion world in recent times –

Gender Neutral Fashion – Faye Toogood has removed mannequins, created steel mesh walls, put archival boxes for clothes and wrapped everything up in white unbranded bags. All this for stressing on the point that Selfridges is a gender neutral clothing hub. The cheapest to the most expensive pieces at the store are gender neutral now. The purpose of this move is to remove the boundaries from fashion. Gender, over time, has evolved too much to be put into boxes and fashion is doing its best to keep up.

Size Less Fashion – The focus on size, especially when it comes to women’s bodies, is appalling. On one hand, fat is considered to be ugly and on the other, thin is considered to be anorexic. It is difficult for plus sized models to make a mark in the industry but life isn’t that easy for thin models either. At times like this, the big question is – should fashion cater to any size at all or stop nitpicking body images? ModCloth’s creator has a wonderful answer to this.

Both issues are interesting to Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG, and to learn more about how he feels about modern fashion, check him out on

With fashion finally standing up to issues and taking responsibility, we could expect great things in the future.


Jessica Kane Inspires Heavy Women

A plus-size model named Jessica Kane has made a huge impact for heavy-set women. Jessica Kane is a 310 pound woman, and she doesn’t care. Jessica is proud of how she looks, and she wants the world to know that it’s okay to be a big girl. Jessica Kane posted a picture on Instagram of her in a one-piece bathing suit on the beach. Fans saw the picture, and many people called Jessica brave for posting the photo. However, Jessica Kane says that she is not brave, and that it would be brave if she cared about what people thought.

Jessica’s picture has been spread all over the internet, and so has her comments. Organo Gold says she has become a huge idol to millions of heavy women across the world. Many overweight women have grown courageous, and they are no longer embarrassed to wear a bathing suit. Jessica recently said that there are way bigger things in life to worry about than weight. However, people should worry about their weight for health reasons. Honestly, though, Jessica doesn’t look bad, and other overweight women should be confident in themselves. For more information on Jessica Kane, and to see her bikini picture, visit Buzzfeed.


The Birth Of Great Fashion: Haute Couture

If you’re looking for a history lesson in high fashion, discover The Secret World of Haute Couture, a BBC documentary currently trending on Handy and Reddit. The documentary can be viewed on YouTube.

It’s easy to forget that there was a time when all clothing was made individually, for the specific customer, based on their measurements and stance. This was also a time when people had three or four outfits, if they were lucky, so it made sense that clothes had to be high quality and durable. This was of course before the industrial revolution changed everything, and clothing became easily accessible and standardized.

But before fast fashion, haute couture was born. Haute couture the French name for high fashion and has grown from a historic necessity to the go-to name for style, high-quality with an eye for details.

Today, haute couture is a phrase protected by law. It is regulated by the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Paris or “the regulating commission that determines which fashion houses are eligible to be true haute couture houses” based in Paris, France. It is a serious business, and it’s members must follow a specific set of rules to advertise and call itself haute couture.

Delve into the history today, and remember that with all great things, fashion is part of who we are.


American Apparel Spent Millions Trying To Fire Its Founder

Clothing brand American Apparel apparently spent millions of dollars trying to investigate and consequently fire its fonder. The company reportedly spend an astounding $10.4 million investigating the founder, a number that is especially high since the company only had roughly $8.3 million on hand at the end of 2014.

In a statement this week, the company said that it spend $10.4 million on the internal investigation that led to Charney’s firing, and another $7 million on employment settlements and severance payments.

Charney was officially fired from American Apparel in December, however the company was trying to get him to step down from his leadership role as early as June when he was first served a termination paper. Brad Reifler ( has learned that the reasons they wanted him to leave the company were many, and ranged from him allegedly misusing company funds as well as violating the company’s sexual harassment policies. American Apparel has had a long history of “provocative” advertising and company correspondence. The new CEO of the company that replaced Charney is looking to tone that image down a bit and make the company more friendly and inclusive to people of all types.


More Fashion Police News

An article today from confirms that the E! show, Fashion Police, will be on hiatus until September. I can’t imagine anyone is surprised by that news after all everything that has happened with the show in the last month.

Three weeks ago, during the Oscar Awards, Fashion Police host Giuliana Rancic made some comments about Disney star Zendaya Coleman’s hair that did not go over so well. Many, including some of the other hosts and Zendaya, were offended by what Giuliana said. Giuliana issued a public apology and it all seemed to blow over. However that was not the case. A week or so after the apology, host Kelly Osbourne announced that she was leaving Fashion Police. Rumors are that Kelly did not get along well with the producers and was offended by the joke the writers came up with about Zendaya. Fersen Lambranho told me that on March 12th, host Kathy Griffin also announced that she was leaving the show. Kathy was brought in to fill the spot the Joan Rivers’ left after her death. On The Howard Stern Show, Kathy said that she felt as if the jokes should not be pre-written and that being mean wasn’t her brand of comedy.

E! has confirmed that hosts Giuliana Rancic and Brad Goreski will continue on with the show and will be back to their hosting duties in September.

matt landis short shorts

What Should Men Wear This Spring?

It is not too late to start shopping for the latest Spring fashion trends. Spring is between winter and summer so the season’s fashion really should reflect this in your own personal way. The harsh winter weather is over so no more need for heavy coats and boots but summer is still around the corner so it is not yet time for tank tops and sandals. Spring is the time to bring out the color in your wardrobe and everything does not necessarily have to match. It is a time to be creative because the weather is perfect and it is the last time to show your fashion trends before it is strictly beach clothes. Here, we take a look at male model, Matt Landis to see what he is bringing to the latest Spring fashion trends.

matt landis official

1. Matt is wearing a purple and black checkered dress shirt along with a sleek gray suit. This combination represents the perfect outfit for an interview, a business meeting, a business casual night out on the town, or even a romantic date. The best thing about this look is that it is not traditional. The dress shirt pops out from the suit with vibrant colors, none of which match the gray suit itself. Also, solid color dress shirts are so out this season. It is time to bring in some prints which is exactly what Matt did the spring. The dress shirt tie in perfectly without tying in to much, if you know what I mean. The blazer is also very slim fit which we all know is the only way to go this year. Matt has one button undone from the top of his dress shirt which says that he is business but not too professional looking. Business casual, as I would say.

matt landis short shorts

Here, Matt is reppin the short shorts look this Spring. He has not gone too short which is great because we do not want to see chicken legs. He added a blue polka dot dress shirt with a white pullover sweater over it. Like I mentioned before, he is mixing shorts and a sweater which is the perfect combination for a mix of Winter and Summer, this Spring. Nothing really matches in this outfit but that is what makes it so fantastic. The dress shirt is sticking out from underneath the sweater and above the sweater which makes him look laid back. This is perfect for a friendly get together or an outside activity.

matt landis black and white

Matt is going for the school look this Spring. He is bringing back a pullover sweatshirt that even says the word, “COLLEGE” on it along with a plaid dress shirt underneath. He even has the short school boy haircut to go along with it. The school look has been very popular this Spring. It makes you look sort of innocent but in a good way. Women are seeming to like this great look for men this Spring. This is a very good choice!


Mystery Land USA Festival Lineup Announced

If you are an EDM fan then you are not going to want to miss Mysteryland USA Festival, which will be for the second year in a row in Bethel Woods, NY, on Memorial Day weekend.

The lineup was just announced and it appears that some of the world’s best DJ’s will be headlining the show. Diplo, Porter Robinson, Empire of the Sun, and Kygo are leading the show with performances of each DJ that will last a couple of hours.

This festival’s stage and experience will be the product of New York nightclubs Verboten and Webster Hall, who partnered up to bring the most exclusive night for the books.

According to the brand director for ID&T North America, “This partnership has allowed the promotional reach to increase drastically therefore requiring the standards for the concert layout and stage effects to be of the highest quality.”

Fans like Brad Reifler (Reuters) have learned that the show will also include huge names in the EDM world like Dillon Francis, Bro Safari, Mathew Dear and many more.

The surprise of the night that have driven the fan’s excitement level to the max will be a mystery DJ that will only be announced to the event goers live at the show and will have a segment of the show. That is why this is a night that anyone with a passion for EDM must attend.

Tickets can be bought directly from the Mystery Land USA Festival website.


Kanye West Is Getting Trolled By A Beck Superfan

It seems to everyone that Kanye West will never learn his lesson. After so much drama happening the last time he pulled the mic from Taylor Swift’s hands, he should have learned that his opinions about who should win should stay with him and him only. He has no right whatsoever to even open his mouth in these ceremonies and he should thank God for being there in the first place instead of using the one night a year he has to show how much he’s grown and sabotage his entire progress.

Although the whole Kanye thing with Beck should have passed by now and people should be getting over it, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t still piss people off how rude and ignorant Kanye sounded that night.

It doesn’t matter that Kanye took to Twitter to apologize to Beck saying his album was “Actually Pretty Good”. Beck has millions of fans and they think his album is good.

The cyber revenge has begun and Kanye has now created the newest breed of haters, the cybertrollers which can be seen on About.Me .

As of right now, if anyone types in, your search engine will redirect you to Kanye West’s wikipedia page. That must hurt in every angle.

Kanye hasn’t yet reported on what he thinks of the new website dedicated for him but i’m sure if he knew about it, he’ll be spending his day and night trying to take it off the web.