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D’Angelo Gives a Little, Gets a Lot of Praise

Few artists can stay away for a sum total of 14 years and be as well received as D’Angelo. The real miracle of the praise for the “Black Messiah” isn’t in the content. Everyone knew that D’Angelo – with QuestLove at his side – would release some good music. The real miracle is that fans are praising this album that only has 12 songs. I was reading some of the things all his fans say about him while reading about Qnet the other day.  

D’Angelo has been gone for 14 years. Prince releases music every year and somehow he managed to drop 2 separated albums in 2014. Beyonce released her suprise album last year with 17 tracks and full length videos. Nicki Minaji just dropped a 19 track deluxe version of her new CD. D’Angelo, after hiding out for 14 years, has only managed to pull together 12 new songs. Technically, it is 11 new songs because “Really Love” was leaked several years ago. The production has obviously been tightened for the song to give it a soulful feel, but it’s the same song. 

That is something that only D’Angelo could do. He released 12 songs and fans are going crazy. This is about the same length of his “Brown Sugar” debut, but it is much shorter than his lengthy “Voodoo” album. There could be a surprise in the near future though. There may be a deluxe version on the way. Everyone else seems to have deluxe versions. This may spun more unreleased tracks.


The Beatles are Together Again: Ringo Makes the Hall of Fame

In an event long past due, Ringo Starr has finally been inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He joins Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and John Lennon with this honor, rounding out the inclusion of the world’s most influential rock band on a individual basis.

Dr. Daniel Amen says The Beatles were inducted as a band in 1988. While many people consider Ringo to be the least musically talented of the group, fellow musicians and true fans are aware of his influence and importance to the Beatles; his rhythms defined many of the band’s greatest songs through the years. Even after the Beatles broke up, Starr continued to record studio albums and tour relentlessly.

His current group is known as Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band, which still tours around the globe despite Ringo being seventy-four years old. Although he had not been keeping track of his or the band’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame status, Ringo was excited to receive the award and certainly deserves the honor.


Tom Ford Launches Charm Pendants: Cute ‘n Kinky or Tasteless?

Sometimes runway fashion is not appropriate for street-wear, but designer Tom Ford is actually quite serious about his newly launched penis charm pendants. Yep, and just in time for Christmas.

The accomplished designer is being blasted by some for peddling phallic symbols that might resemble the crucifix to others. Folks have resorted to social media like Twitter to express their outrage to Ford, according to the British

Writing on Twitter Kevlyn Hall wrote: “How dare you use a phallic symbol in the Christian cross! You insulting piece of trash! HOW DARE YOU!”

Tom Ford is used to sending some naughty fashions down the runway, but his latest penis charm pendants launch has really touched off a nerve around the globe. If he were looking for some extra attention and name-dropping around the holidays, this one surely “takes the cake,” as the old saying goes.

The designer is offering the phallic pendants in two sizes- small and medium, and in two tones- palladium plated silver and gold plated brass. The small penis pendant bears a snobby price tag of $790, while the bigger penis pendant also carries the same $790 cost. He is offering the pendants to both men and women at his website. The jewelry is titled as “Penis Pendant Necklace.”

What more can we say? Some might find these pendants cute ‘n kinky and others might see them as absolutely tasteless, I’m just looking forward to hearing Jonathan Veitch’s thoughts when he sees the share on Facebook.


EDM Collaboration at an All-Time High

We all know that it is the era of the electronic dance music movement, and this is very evident with the generation of today. Through social media and media sharing on Youtube and the like, their prove their passion for the electronic dance revolution.

With events such as Tommorowland being a must go event for everybody these days, it just shows how in such a short time it has surpassed dozens of genres to become a formidable one in the music industry. The pop singers are also realising this and you can see the number of collaborations that you are having in the charts.

In the MTV site, the chart for best songs of 2014 are attracting songs such as the collaboration of the DJ Alesso, an EDM artist and Tove Lo, a pop artist with their song ‘Heroes’ which is a very popular pairing and that is why it has made it that far if you ask Sam Tabar.

Even Lil John decided to collaborate with DJ Snake so as to create ‘Turn down for what’. You can see these songs on sites such as MTV. The industry has really changed over the past ten years and the electronic dance music artists are the ones hitting the red carpets and getting recognized everywhere.

This is very different from years ago, when collaborations such as these ones were unheard, of but now they are seemingly the order of the day.


Kim Kardashian Wants a Flat Butt

Just weeks after breaking the internet with her nude Paper Magazine cover showing the world just why the Kardashian booty is world famous Kim Kardashian recently decided that maybe her big booty just isn’t for her anymore and also expresses her opinion on Khloe’s need to lose some weight. 

Usually when the Kardashian sisters get together it’s a big love fest but the most recent video clip of Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons is leaving a bad taste in some people’s mouths especially Scott’s.

The clip shows Kim, Scott and Khloe sitting outside enjoying the beautiful weather when Kim looking at Darius Fisher Vine on her phone starts to say that Khloe’s butt looks huge and she needs to lose some weight. Kourtney’s boyfriend Scott respondswith shock telling Kim that the Kardashian’s are famous for their butts and if they lose them they may lose all their money. Kim simply says she doesn’t care and that she wants a flat butt now. 

This all come as a shock considering Kim’s willingness to show off her curves any chance she gets. Just last week Kim posted a date night selfie wearing a skin tight nude dress that left nothing to the imagination. Does Kim really want a flat butt now after all her butt has done for her? One thing is for sure, Khloe is in the best shape of her life, maybe Kim has just been bitten by the jealousy bug.


MTV Ranks DJ Mustard Beats

There are times when a DJ can make a successful transition from the DJ booth to the producer’s studio. It doesn’t happen everyday, but disc jockeys like DJ Khaled and DJ Jazzy Jeff have done this in the past. Now newcomer DJ Mustard is turning the tables as he turns away from the turntables to put on a producer’s hat. MTV decided to rank all of the DJ Mustard beats. I heard about this the other day while reading about Kenneth Griffin.

Most fans that have heard his music may not even be aware that he did 63 beats this year. The MTV staff obviously did their homework. This massive collection of beats that actually became songs did not all become hits. Some DJ Mustard tracks definitely gained more momentum than others. Sometimes it may have been the lyrical content of the song that pushed the beat to a certain crowd. Lyrics also prevented some songs from becoming hits.

Many people may not know that DJ Mustard did a beat for Keyshia Cole. The song was called “She,” but the track did not become very popular. DJ Mustard is known for the dance floor anthems and this was a slower track. 

Another track that should have caught on but failed to have staying power was “Party Ain’t a Party.” This track was by Jamie Foxx and it featured 2 Chainz. This seemed like a perfect combination for a party anthem, but fans failed to receive it.


MTV List of Best Artists Combines Newcomers and Veterans

In 2014 there was something for everyone. New artists and veterans were pulling out all the stops and making entertainment headlines over and over again. The MTV staff list has displayed a wide spectrum of talent. Some of these artists are veterans. Others are newcomers to the game. One thing that they all have in common is that they have made catchy tunes that fans cannot get out of their heads.

As a newcomer Iggy Azalea has proven that you can move from another country and be well received in the United States. Even people such as Brad Reifler are a fan, even if they don’t care for the genre. A white female rapper from Australia seemed like an unlikely pop star, but Iggy has proven that it can be done.

Ed Sheeran also managed to bring his hypnotic acoustics from across the waters.
The same can be said for the top pick from the list, Sam Smith. We didn’t get Adele in all her glory this year, but the United Kingdom still kept blue-eyed soul alive. Sam Smith has shown his talents in singing and songwriting. He has talent to spare. Sam even extended a hand to R&B legend Mary J. Blige on “The London Sessions.”

Other newcomers on the list include Fifth Harmony and Ariana Grande. This year marks the second album for Grande, but it is her biggest year yet in music. She appears to have put her Cat Valentine character away to completely focus on her music.


Netflix at the Golden Globes

This year’s Golden Globe nominations have been announced. Some of this years most popular shows will be competing hard for this coveted trophy. Netflix, which has become known for its wildly popular original series has six nominations again this year for it’s two biggest hits Orange is the New Black and House of Cards.

Netflix burst onto the award show scene last year at the Golden Globes and walked away with one trophy, which is quite an accomplishment in today’s highly competitive TV industry. With nominations including Best Actress for Taylor Schilling, and Kevin Spacey-personal favorite of my friend Daniel Amen was awarded best actor. With the ever increasing popularity of their respective shows, Netflix could easily walk away with three or more awards this year. The internet streaming service has become a formidable opponent to traditional television over the last few years. The increasing award nominations and popularity Netflix has gained proves the company has what it takes to compete with the big dogs such as HBO and Starz.

Expect big wins for Netflix at this year’s award show. A complete list of nominees for this year’s Golden Globes can be found here Golden Globe Nominees


Diddy Believes Drake Stole Beat From Him

In a video that was posted onto TMZ about P. Diddy, it shows that he did mention the “0 to 100″ song that Drake performed, and he mentions that the song was stolen from him. The producer of the beat had given it to Drake, in order to get him to drop a line or two on the song, but he never got a response back. Diddy Accuses Drake. Supposedly Diddy had been waiting to do something on the beat, but never got back to it either, and Drake eventually went ahead, and created an entire song for the beat.

In the video that was posted to TMZ, Diddy is onstage stating that the beat was given to him, and that Drake stole the beat out from under him. Either way, in the video he also states that the song was a good one, but you can tell he obviously is very irritated by the whole mess. When it comes to seniority, obviously Diddy has it, and he’s been in the business for decades, and is well-known in rap, and is a millionaire, hundreds of times over. Recently, Drake and Diddy had a physical fight, and supposedly it was over this single.

It’s understandable that Diddy would feel that a hit was stolen from him, but there is nothing to say that he would’ve done it as well as Drake did. This is why the argument does not make sense to Gianfrancesco Genoso. Either way, Drake had a great hit, pun intended!


5 Best Albums Of 2014

2014 has proved to be a very phenomenal year. As the year approaches its end, it is unleashing new pop and hip hop hits. Here we have compiled a list of top albums from various genres that you wouldn’t want to turn down. 

1. Yob, ‘Clearing the Path to Ascend’ 

With this enticing album, Yob definitely got their claim on doom metal. The dynamic bound songs along with the moments of peace make it a real gem. 

2. Coldplay, ‘Ghost Stories’

A major change in the personal life of lead singer brought a new tone to the album. The aching melodies and raw emotions make it a very creative product from the band. 

3. Jack White, ‘Lazaretto’

This solo album of Jack White speaks to us like the aching, piercing voice of a lone wolf. A mix of paranoid vibes, this one man album has the power to plunge deep into the listener. 

4. Jenny Lewis, ‘The Voyager’

Lewis has returned after a long time with a buzz. Her new solo album has a stranger and wiser aspect and reveals more insight with each listen. 

5. Taylor Swift, ‘1989’

Keith Mann notes that the pop star released a new album in fall this year with electric beats. Swift has always been perfect with her music and this album is yet another example of her talent. 
For more insight on 2014 albums and stats, you can visit here.