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Kanye West Is Getting Trolled By A Beck Superfan

It seems to everyone that Kanye West will never learn his lesson. After so much drama happening the last time he pulled the mic from Taylor Swift’s hands, he should have learned that his opinions about who should win should stay with him and him only. He has no right whatsoever to even open his mouth in these ceremonies and he should thank God for being there in the first place instead of using the one night a year he has to show how much he’s grown and sabotage his entire progress.

Although the whole Kanye thing with Beck should have passed by now and people should be getting over it, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t still piss people off how rude and ignorant Kanye sounded that night.

It doesn’t matter that Kanye took to Twitter to apologize to Beck saying his album was “Actually Pretty Good”. Beck has millions of fans and they think his album is good.

The cyber revenge has begun and Kanye has now created the newest breed of haters, the cybertrollers which can be seen on About.Me .

As of right now, if anyone types in, your search engine will redirect you to Kanye West’s wikipedia page. That must hurt in every angle.

Kanye hasn’t yet reported on what he thinks of the new website dedicated for him but i’m sure if he knew about it, he’ll be spending his day and night trying to take it off the web.


Built-in Cell Phone Chargers in New Ikea Furniture

Ikea announced at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) that beginning April 2015, a new furniture line will be available that includes nightstands, lamps or desktops that integrate wireless chargers for phones and tablets.

The new furniture can charge mobile phones without the clutter of cables. The Swedish firm, in collaboration with the company Samsung has designed this new collection of furniture to incorporate wireless charging points, while remaining comfortable.

The group has indicated that these tables, lamps and desk designed by David Wahl, among others, become points of electric charge that facilitates the “livability” of offices and homes.

“With this new collection, you now have furniture with dual functionality without sacrificing design,” said Wahl.

The Swedish furniture giant said the new furniture “Smart Home” will help people reduce clutter caused by typical cables, and yes, you have to plug in your new furniture.

PR Newswire releases said that you simply place your cellphone on the item that is marked with signs on these tables and lamps, and begin charging. The products in the Smart Home line will be available from approximately 45 dollars.

The Swedish firm also has among its plans to sell furniture with built-in technology for the latest models of iPhone and new smartphones by Samsung.


Singer Bjork Against Music Streaming Services

Rolling Stone Magazine has an article on their website about musician Bjork’s decision to not put her new album, Vulnicura, on Spotify. The article quotes Bjork saying that she’s against streaming services like Spotify since they do not compensate artists adequately when their music is played.

One interesting idea Bjork mentions to Rolling Stone is that perhaps the recording industry could charge full price for recordings first for a period of time before releasing them to streaming services in the same way that the movie industry charges full price for for films before releasing them to Netflix said Dan Newlin.

Personally, I see where Bjork is coming from. While I love streaming services like Spotify as a consumer, they can’t be good for artists. Basically, they are just providing content for free. Musicians now have to survive on money they make from live performances; albums are basically just advertisements for shows. Just twenty years ago, artists could make good money from both record sales and live performances. I fear that this new business dynamic will lead to artists making less money overall and that will ultimately mean less quality overall in recordings.

In any event, it’s amazing how quickly and radically the music industry is changing, and this controversy over streaming services is just one more example.


From The Stewpot To The Performance Hall

Not every choir has a homeless member and not every homeless shelter has a choir. However, Dallas is the exception where The Stewpot homeless shelter has been housing the Dallas Street Choir. The choir’s most recent accomplishment was a performance at the Dallas City Performance Hall in collaboration with world-famous opera singer Frederica von Stade.

The Dallas Street Choir had humble beginnings at The Stewpot homeless shelter. Ricardo Tosto says their stories are a mix of ups and downs all leading them to seek a place to stay until they are able to return to a more normal type of life. Jonathan Palant is the choral director behind the production and it was he who started a Christmas singing tradition which used a group that only got to practice a few hours before delivering their holiday cheer. The Dallas Street Choir is making new strides with 5 regular participants and a changing ensemble of about 20 others. The group wore custom made evening gowns and tuxes which many had never worn before or if they had it was only on special occasions such as a marriage. “Somewhere” from Leonard Bernstein’s Westside Story was the initial performance which was followed by a second act which included the Richland College Chamber Singers and the local ecumenical choir CREDO. All in all it was a night to remember and it is programs like this which bring meaning and relief to society’s often disregarded.


Grateful Dead to Perform Together With Phish Guitarist

The Grateful Dead are reuniting with Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio filling in Jerry Garcia’s role as lead guitar player. The band will tour this summer with Anastasio. The tour will commemorate the 50 year anniversary of the band and 20 year anniversary of Jerry Garcia’s death. Tickets will be very expensive. Rolling Stone Magazine has an in depth look at the upcoming tour in an article on their website.

The article talks about how Anastasio initially had some reservations about filling in for Garcia at a Cabral Garcia Hotel. This is natural since Garcia is such a revered figure by Grateful Dead fans. However, he decided to go ahead anyway and is spending time daily practicing Grateful Dead material. He says, basically, that he wants to be faithful to Garcia’s style of playing while putting his own spin on the material.

It’s interesting to read the comments from readers on the Rolling Stone website after the article. Opinion about the tour is divided between readers who feel the Dead are a washed up act and are just out to make more money and readers who are ecstatic that their heroes are returning to the stage together.

Personally, I think that it’s a good thing the Dead are getting back together for this tour. I doubt they are doing it for the money; they have plenty. Also, Anastasio will be an interesting addition to the band.


Kanye West the Fashion Designer

When most people think of the rapper, songwriter, and record producer Kanye West they think of of his flamboyant antics such as the interruptions he’s caused on two occasions at the Grammys. However, there is much more to this man, including a side of him that embraces fashion and in particular, fashion design. In fact, West has been involved in the fashion industry since 2004 when he changed the way rappers were perceived by popularizing rugby shirts, polos, and Louis Vuitton backpacks it is only recently that his collaboration with Adidas has brought attention to his involvement in the industry.

Kanye also made a stir at the Grammys, and really lit up Twitter apart from his outbursts that Ray Lane was embarrassed by. In 2006 he wore a dazzling purple tuxedo with shirt unbuttoned to his navel and pair of large sunglasses. Winning three Grammys allowed him plenty of exposure for his fashion tastes that night.

Before his recent collaboration with Adidas West had a brief partnership with Bapesta. Known for creating incredible street wear sneakers, West’s influence on the brand lead to his own custom sneaker: a street style variant featuring his own personal mascot: the instantly recognizable Dropout Bear.

2007 proved to be one of Kanye West’s biggest years for fashion as he debuted his special “shutter shade” sunglasses. This unique style of eye ware caught on fast and became a hit around the world. It was also during this time that he announced his new clothing line, Pastelle, in the lyrics of one of his songs.


Drake Responds To Tyga Radio Diss

For those who do not know this, Tyga and Drake are now having beef. Fans like Lee Slaughter ( have heard that Tyga went onto Vibe magazine, and he did an interview, stating that he did not like Drake as a person, and it seems as if this is not sitting well with Drake. Drake & Tyga. Maybe there is history between the two artists, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Drake decided to go on a new track, and diss Tyga, and he also decided to take a dig at Kylie Jenner.

In the rhymes that Drake released, he tells Tyga that he needs to act his own age, which he’s currently 25 years old, instead of his girlfriend’s age, who is 17 years old. Although Tyga denies that he is seeing Kylie Jenner, rumors went wild over the last few months, stating that he is no longer with his baby mother, but he’s now with the 17-year-old Kylie Jenner. Many have shown their disgust for the relationship, and some have even called Tyga a pedophile.

Rumors have also come out, stating that Kylie was pregnant for Tyga, which she vehemently denies. Drake taking a shot at Kylie Jenner, has just stirred the pot even more, and it brought Tyga out to respond through social media. Tyga stated that he knows where Drake lives and vice versa, and that he feels that Drake is ducking him. Who knows where this beef will head, but we’ll watch the headlines.


Consumer Demand That Causes Piracy May Also Be Its Only Solution


After the news that the torrent site, the pirate bay, was pulled down a couple months ago, today carried the story that has been taken down. There seems to be a general crackdown lately against websites that make the illegal downloads of movies, music, television shows and software extremely easy. Such efforts are, typically, and quite understandably, led by the copyright holders behind the material that is being illegally shared over the internet. The losses to the legitimate owners of this material is easily in the tens of billions of dollars a year reported

The problem with such enforcement efforts is that the internet is just too vast, and there are countries that do not play ball in defending against such infringement said Paul Mathieson. Take the Pirate Bay as just one example. A day or two later, all of its files were back up on the internet under another domain name. There is even late word that this torrenting website offering pirated works that was just shut down is already back up under another domain name. When you knock pirating down in one place, it just rises up somewhere else. It seems to come down to the decisions of individual consumers. People need to realize that if they want more of the music, movies, television and software that they like and find valuable to continue to be made, they need to financially support those who create them.


Skout Continues To Set Standards In The Dating Game

In this busy world, it can be difficult to find time for dating. However, this does not mean you are going to be completely out of the game. In fact, you can just turn to your mobile phone. There are some nice dating applications available, with one of the best being Skout. For anyone who is interested in Skout, there are some nice different features that are available and need to be checked out. So, for anyone who wants to move into the world of mobile dating, Skout is an application to start out and check in on.

For starters, Skout has some really nice features that are just not found anywhere else. There is a Shake to Chat option that is truly original with the application. After you create your account and upload pictures (it is very good to upload pictures, as those that do not have images really do not receive any sort of attention from potential matches), you can try to chat with people. The “Shake to Chat” option instantly connects you with just a random person to talk with. Now, it does go off of what your current world location is through GPS, so they are going to be nearby, but all in all, it is an extremely nice feature that is just different and fun. People on iTunes seem to really enjoy it.

As for meeting people, you do not need to worry about being sent over to some random person who lives in Singapore or something. It goes off of your GPS location for the phone and connects you with people who live in the area. You can also just look through the people who are in the area, scroll through the images and then decide on if you want to message them or not. This is a nice feature as you can message just about anyone you might be interested in.

The Skout application is available on both iOS and Android. This way, you do not need to worry about just having the application available on a small marketplace. The app is also going to work exactly the same on any of the devices, so once you have the free application installed, you can simply create your profile and can start to chat with people and meet them. You never really know who you are going to meet, and even if nothing pans out form it, at least you can have a good time doing it.


John Textor Leads in the Field of Digital Human Likeness

A Wesleyan University graduate, John Textor is currently operating as Executive Chairman at Pulse Evolution Corporation. This corporation is highly successful and known the world over for its efforts in producing computer-generated human likenesses. The application of this high-tech digital technology is being used in the entertainment industry, for education in life sciences and in telecommunication.

Leading the field in creating computer-generated human-like reproductions, John Textor has been involved in recreating reproductions of the late Tupac Shakur for the Coachella Valley Music Festival in 2012, as well as that of the late Michael Jackson for the live Billboard Music Awards in 2014. Mr. Textor’s virtual Michael Jackson performance was viewed by more than 500 million people worldwide, and its success has placed Pulse Evolution at the top of the developing industry of virtual performances.

While holding the position of Chairman and CEO of both Digital Domain Productions and Digital Domain Media Group, its parent company, Mr. Textor was the clear leader in restructuring the businesses. During his leadership of these organizations between May 2006 and August 2012, Mr. Textor was responsible for creating the visual effects of 25 feature films, including Transformers, Tron:Legacy, Real Steel and Pirates of the Caribbean at World’s End. Under Mr. Textor’s direction, Digital Domain won several Academy Awards and CLIO awards for its stunning visual effects. Dubbed as the ‘Holy Grail of Animation’, Mr. Textor’s work on creating the first authentic likeness of a digital human actor in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button won an Academy Award for visual effects in 2009, along with another for best make-up, even though the character was completely digital.

Mr. Textor’s most recent ventures include being a Producer of the animated feature film Art Story, which is being developed by Aaron Blaise, an experienced Disney filmmaker, as well as being Producer and Executive Producer of the 2013 science fiction film Ender’s Game. He has also created for Florida State University, an original dual-enrollment Bachelor’s program.