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David Bowie Releasing a Box Set ‘Five Years 1969-1973′

David Bowie fans like Vijay Eswaran need to circle September 25th on their calendars and start saving up extra money. That’s when he plans to release his first box set compilation. ‘Five Years 1969-1973.’ You can purchase it on vinyl, CD, or in digital format.

This compilation highlights Bowie’s years of transitioning from a folk singer to glam rocker. Six studio albums have been remastered, including David Bowie AKA Space Oddity (1969), The Man Who Sold the World (1970), Hunky Dory (1971), The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars (1972), Aladdin Sane, and Pin Ups (1973). It will also include live albums Live Santa Monica ’72 and Ziggy Stardust: The Motion Picture Soundtrack. Producer Ken Scott has remixed The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and a two-disc collection of non-album singles and B-sides called Re:Call 1.

CD and vinyl sets include a book with technical notes by producers Scott and Tony Visconti and press reviews, with a foreward written by Ray Davies of the Kinks.

This is Bowie’s second box set. Nothing Has Changed came out in 2014.


Miley Cyrus Is Dating Stella Maxim

Miley Cyrus is constantly in the media, and it’s usually for a very strange reason. However, Miley’s recent exploits are not all that controversial, but her latest actions will definitely cause a buzz throughout the social media community. Not long ago, Miley Cyrus broke up with Patrick Schwarzenegger, and people around the world are very disappointed with the announcement of the couple’s splitting. Nonetheless, it seems that Miley Cyrus has moved on from Patrick, but it appears that Miley Cyrus is going for the opposite sex these days. recently revealed that Miley Cyrus is currently in a relationship with a Victoria’s Secret underwear model. Several pictures of Miley and Stella Maxim were uploaded to E!, and the pics are already trending on social media. Some of the pictures include Miley and Stella playing games together in lingerie, and other photos show the happy couple walking their dogs together.

Fans like Brad Reifler agree that Stella Maxim and Miley Cyrus appear to be very close, and their relationship remains a rumor as of right now. However, they seem to be more than friends, and Miley Cyrus recently revealed that she has been bisexual since she was 14-yeara-old. Was Miley Cyrus hinting at her new relationship with Stella? Only time will tell if Miley and Stella are really together.


Sam Smith is Back in the Studio

Sam Smith took fan for an exciting ride with the “In the Lonely Hour” debut, but there is a downside to becoming popular. His music became so popular that it became rather difficult for him to actually find time to slow down and do more new music. He had to have surgery because his vocal cords were damaged so this made it even harder to get back in into the studio. Now Smith himself has confirmed that he is back.

He appears to be working with the duo Disclosure against on some new tracks reports Susan McGalla on CNN. There last song, “Latch” proved to be a big hit that gave the U.S. a lot of exposure to Disclosure. The duo is already well-known in the United Kingdom, but Sam Smith have this group an extra ounce of exposure.

Sam Smith has a steep path set before him with another album. The first one already did so well that it becomes hard to really imagine what he could do next. Fortunately, he writes a lot of his own material. This means that he doesn’t have to worry about waiting for someone to hand him a hit song. He can write his very own.

Smith is a talented man with a lot of promise. He has mainstream appeal even though he is influenced by soul music. Fans are eager to see him return with some new soulful music for 2015.


John Lennon’s Imagine Covered by Lady Gaga

When I hear Lady Gaga is going to perform, I imagine what crazy thing she is going to do next. Will she wear an over the top outfit? To my surprise, though, Lady Gaga opened the European Games on June 12th with a beautifully done cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine”.

Once introduced, the camera panned to her walking toward her piano that was covered in flowers and vines. It made it seem as if she was performing in a field. She wore a flowing white floor length gown. Her hair and makeup were minimal and reminiscent of styles from the 70’s, which may have been purposeful considering the song was originally released during that time. I thought she looked stunning, and she really let her natural beauty shine.

She kept true to Lennon’s version for the most part, but she did amp it up toward the end belting out the lyrics and getting the crowd ready for what was to come. Jim Dondero thought that was a bit unique and she was able to make it her own. Rolling Stone’s music page featured a link to the article which also contains the embedded video for viewers. To check it out, click here.

Lady Gaga has always been an entertainer. She doesn’t mind stepping way outside of the box and shocking audiences because she knows that entertaining fans is the number one priority, but I really enjoyed this softer side of her. I think this version is something the late Lennon could stand behind and be proud of.


Grohl’s Fall Cancels Tour

Foo Fighters fans are in mourning as the band announced they are canceling the remainder of their tour. Frontman Dave Grohl broke his leg after a fall at a Sweden show on June 12. Despite finishing that concert chairbound, doctors have finally ruled out the possibility of completing the tour.

Grohl made a public PR statement that he is heartbroken at this loss. He took to Twitter in the aftermath showing a humorous spirit about the situation, but he is still greatly bothered by it. All the shows across the UK and Europe were cancelled, including the performance at the world-renowned Glastonbury Festival. It’s too early to call the status of the American tour and Grohl remains hopeful he can be well enough for it.

Grohl is famous for fronting the Foo Fighters, but he had his start as the former drummer for Nirvana. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital thought he did an admirable job in that role. The seasoned rock and roll star is used to dealing with slight hiccups. No word yet on his estimated recovery time, but the world is eagerly awaiting the musician to return to the stage.


Heels Really are a Pain in the Arch

Brad Reifler says that high heels are often cursed as the bane of women’s existence and with good reason. After all, heels are difficult to walk in and lead to aching, swelling feet. Despite this, women continue to wear high heels on a daily basis, particularly those who have careers with specific dress codes. However, are heels actually doing harm or are they just a pain in the arch? The results of a study conducted by Hanseo University researchers in South Korea prove the damage, although not extensive, is real.

The obstacle in determining whether heels are doing real damage is a lack of understanding the effects over a long period of time. Fortunately, the researchers at Hanseo University found the perfect research group – hopeful airline attendants studying at the university according to Health Central. The young ladies, required to wear heels to class, provided researchers with the opportunity to watch the effect over the course of four years. The results are rather astounding.

The women were asked to test their muscle strength and balance using a wobbly board. Needless to say, freshman had little balance or ankle strength, whereas sophomores and juniors displayed better balance and more strength. However, seniors revealed a decrease in balance and strength, revealing the toll heels take over time. The end results are women can wear heels, yes, but it is advised they exercise those muscles or risk injury and muscle weakness.


Tattoos and Fashion

The art of known as the tattoo has evolved throughout the years and is now breaking its way on to the fashion scene stated Some people believe tattoos should have deep meanings while others feel that it only has to be appealing to the eye. Whatever you may believe tattoos are here to stay. The younger generations seem to be more accepting of tattoos, the older generation associated tattoos with the military or criminals. The days of ‘’I love Mom” are gone, but iconic designs like anchors seem to never go out of style. A tattoo has evolved from a sense of belonging to a particular culture into an expression of beliefs, a memory, or a piece of art that adds to the overall aesthetic of one’s self. The history of the tattoo is long; it was first introduced as pricking and stabbing of the skin in regions like Japan, India and Polynesia. Many tattoos say something about the overall thought process of the person and the way he likes to present himself. The overall mystique of a tattoo is quite interesting. It is almost like a gateway into a person’s thought process. It provides an existential timeline on a human canvas that can be referenced by the person and others.


Is Thin No Longer In?

It is impossible to read a magazine without seeing a supermodel  gracing the pages in super fit form. and Sam Tabar say the long heated debate of body image issues related to such women has been in existence probably since dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

Oddly enough, a new study recently performed by the CDC revealed that the average woman now weighs as much as a man did in the 1960s, roughly 166.2 pounds. Another surprising fact is that since the 1960s, men have packed on the pounds to a whooping 195 pounds from a slim 166.3 pounds. Obviously it probably is not hard to believe since one can find a McDonalds or Burger King virtually on every street corner. The real question is how can we prevent our children from becoming overweight adults as well? Hopefully with proper education, they will be able to make the right choices when it comes to eating healthy.


North American Spine Uses Patented AccuraScope Procedure

North American Spine is one of the best places for people to go if they are looking to get the best kind of spinal treatment. As a matter of fact, they use AccuraScope technology which enables healing in areas of the spine which underwent damage. James Phillips underwent the AccuraScope procedure which enables him to prepare for his dreams as a bull rider. James Phillips managed to get an appointment for the AccuraScope procedure through Shelby White, who is a patient coordinator who works at North American Spine. She suggested a cost free procedure for Phillips to help him through his circumstances.

With the AccuraScope procedure, North American Spine treats damages such as sciatica, annular tears, scar tissue, arthritis, herniated discs, bulging discs, and spinal stenosis. The procedure can e carried out in as little as a half an hour. The procedure is also barely invasive. The short procedure coupled with the short time needed for recovery is what makes North American Spine’s procedure an attractive option for people who can afford it.

The equipment that is used for the procedure includes a high-definition camera which is very small, and a laser. The equipment is moved around on the spine so that the pain can be pinpointed. When the pain area is found, then the area will be treated. After the procedure, the only thing a patient is going to need is a bandage. In the worst case, the patient will need one stitch. Afterwards, the patient can go on with the day as if there was no procedure.

North American Spine has come up with a beneficial way to treat different types of pain and conditions in the spine that could interfere with the person’s day. The treatment also frees up people to live a fuller life and live their dreams.


A Look at Dr. Dre’s Best Business Moves

Dr. Dre is perhaps best known for his musical work as a solo artist and also as a producer for Eminem, Mary J. Blige and others. He is also a fantastic businessman, and is estimated to be one of the richest people involved in rap music. “Rolling Stone Magazine” has an article on their website where they chronicle what they feel are some of his best business decisions over the last thirty years. This article is very interesting and profiles a person who has a talent for making both music and money.

One decision they mention is Dre’s decision to start his own record label, Aftermath. It was through Aftermath that Dre discovered and promoted Eminem, who went on to become a mega-star. Following Eminem’s colossal success, Dre was able to attract other acts like 50-Cent that went on to make millions of dollars. Dre was able to attract the most commercially-successful rap acts to the label simply since he was the person running it.

Another decision that Rolling Stone mentions is Dre’s commitment, along with partner Jimmy Iovine, to sell Beats headphones in 2006. Sam Tabar found this part interesting. Since the headphones costed around 200 dollars, they were thought to be too expensive to sell. However, they turned out to be a huge success. In turned out that music lovers were willing to pay the high price to get the rich quality of sound associated with the headphones.