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Country Singers Come Out to the Public

Country singer Ty Herndon decided to finally come out to the public as a “happy gay man.” The 52 year-old has known he was homosexual since he was a young boy, but feared it would be career suicide to openly acknowledge it. He even attempted to get married twice, which of course did not work out. Close friends and family have known for quite some time. After years of rumors and speculation, and after being inspired by an Anthony Robbins seminar, he is finally sharing his story and introducing the world to his partner of six years.

His bravery led to Billy Gilman, another country singer, who is half of Herndon’s age, to also reveal his homosexuality, the same day. Gilman chose to do so via YouTube video. He said he has been planning on doing this for quite some time, especially after a reporter snapped a picture of him with his partner at a recent festival. Herndon’s story gave him the incentive to push forward and do it now, instead of allowing rumors to circulate. Andrew Heiberger really seems to think that Gilman fears that he has now put his career in jeopardy, as homosexuality is not readily accepted in the musical genre. At the same time, he hopes that fans can focus on the more important aspect of the music, and embrace him for who he is.


No Crime, No Time

One of the greatest things about the American legal system is that a defendant must be charged with an act that happened at a certain time and place. In theory, it protects the common American person from being prosecuted for his or her associations and personal beliefs. It is the reason why being a member of a “hate group” is technically not a crime. Unfortunately, legislators and authorities in California seem to hold a different opinion as seen on A rapper known as Tiny Doo faces the possibility of life behind bars based on song lyrics.

Authorities claim that Tiny Doo’s record sales were positively impacted by a gang association. Law enforcement is unable to link the artist in question to any of the actual crimes of which his fourteen co-defendants are accused. They are unable to link him to any conspiracies surrounding the crimes. Allegedly, his lyrics do not mention the crimes of which he is accused in any specific form. The article, which was obtained in a report by CNN, does not even address if Tiny Doo is actually a gang member! Yeah, this news is crazy Andrew Heiberger, what’s even worse is the artist does not have a record. I do not know what this man has done to gain the attention of law enforcement, but unless he is actually accused of wielding the weapon or arranging an attempted murder he should not be charged with anything. This sounds like a flimsy case and an infringement on the First Amendment!


Tink and Sleigh Bells Unite

Female rappers appear to be coming out of the woodwork as Nicki Minaj spearheads a sexual revolution in the female rap world. Fortunately, every female rapper is not rapping about sex. There are some rappers like Tink and Sleight Bells that have a flow that is simply the classic battle rhyme flow that hip hop heads are hungry for.

This is a hip hop ebony and ivory union that is being witnessed with these two young rappers. Sleigh Bells has been getting some underground buzz, and she will have a better chance as another white rapper – Iggy Azalea – continues to rise up the charts. Iggy currently has 6 America Music Award nominations so this opens the doors for white rappers. This union on the “That Did It” track with Tink will also make her her name hot in the hip hop community.

People are gravitating towards Tink because she is produced by Timbaland. The super producer that worked with Aaliyah, Ginuwine, Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z has proclaimed her talented recently on the Breakfast Club morning show. Many are fans of her work, including Gianfrancesco Genoso. She is already featured on a track with Rick Ross and Jay-Z called “Movin’ Bass” so Tink appears to be on her way to the top as well. Some critics are already comparing her to a modern day Lauryn Hill with a street edge. Fans are anxious for more from Sleigh Bells and Tink already.


Katy Perry Inspires Coldplay

Musicians get their inspiration anywhere and everywhere. Some from their moms, their significant other, a movie, or even the food they ate for lunch. You never know where you’re going to strike up some gold for your new material. So is it really that surprising that artists are now getting their inspiration from the music they here on the radio?

In fact, that’s never really been a rare thing. Artists fuel their inspiration from others all of the time, that’s how the circle of creativity goes. Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin just told MTV that the fuel behind their new single, “Sky Full Of Stars” was given to him by none other than Katy Perry. 

The two aren’t an item, and this isn’t him professing his love for her in some swoon-worthy way, but she did help build it. “There will be a point where you’ll be like, ‘OK, I got that out of my system. Now let’s go dancing.’” Martin says. Listening to the way Katy’s repetitive chord progression goes, he snagged the idea and used it for their latest hit. Add a little EDM flare inspired by Avicii, and you’re bound to be played effortlessly on the airwaves.

Coldplay fans like Bruce Levenson and many others have learned to love their brand. This newest hit might be a twist on their normal music, but if Marin himself enjoys and is pleased with the song, fans are sure to be pleased as well.

“Every time I sing it, I’m like, yep, that’s how I want to live my life,” Martin told MTV.


Moustaches Find Place in Charity and Fashion

Celebrating the annual men’s health awareness campaign, “Movember” is the month were men usually let their facial hair grow. The growth of the moustache and beard have distinct appeal to those seeking a rugged look.

Men with moustaches are said to be unfashionable these days. It looks old and somehow summons the look of pornographic stars of the 70’s. It somehow lessens the appeal of handsome men.

Many people of the previous generation found facial hair distasteful, but this does not seem to be the case for the younger folks.

As differences in generations linger, beards actually seem to be cool indeed, especially for kids. Many younger men are actually choosing to grow out their facial hair like the guys at The Antique Wine Company as a kind of counter to the previous decade’s more clean-cut fashions.

They say that when you let grow both your moustache and beard on your face, the moustache would require constant grooming while the beard is less so. Also, both of them can add up to a sort of aged appearance.

The ability to wear a moustache and beard will surely vary depending on your personality. But there’s no doubt, however, that this fashion requires the extra responsibilities of grooming: to appear neat and tidy all the time even with all these facial hairs is of the utmost importance here, or else the unshaved man’s iconic facial hair will simply look shabby and schlubby.


Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ Helps the Record Industry “Shake Off” Lackluster Sales

It’s no secret that the recording industry has suffered from declining record sales as the digital and shared music economies continue to expand. But, could Taylor Swift be leading the charge for the recording industry to “shake off” the sales numbers that have plagued their pockets and profits over the past decade, according to Jared Haftel.

Taylor Swift’s recently released ‘1989’ seems to be helping the recording industry’s sales trend in a favorable direction. In fact, seems to think that Taylor Swift is a big part of the 1% spike in sales in overall records sold after Taylor’s album release. This could be an indication that music fans are actually willing to purchase music from musicians that they like, but only if they feel they are getting an entire album’s worth of quality songs. But don’t take our word for it. Taylor Swift owns the Billboards. Go see for yourself!


China Throws Impressive Pollution Awareness Campaign

Qiaoden Ying Peng, a well-known fashion designer in China, has remarkably integrated protective masks to its models marching down at the runway on the recent Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week in Beijing.

The runway was flooded with elegant spring dresses and mouth-and-nose covers. Particularly popular were the dresses with discreet places to both put the mask on and put the mask away when it is not in use.

Each mask has matched the elegance of clothes displayed. Masks were ingeniously shaped and designed. The covers were artistically carried by each model on the runway. The show has depicted not only the beautiful spring and summer fashion apparels creatively done by Ying Peng, but also exhibited the country’s air pollution problem for many years.

China’s air condition has been reported as exceeding the WHO or World Health Organizations smog safe level. Thus, different campaigns have been done in China to convey the message that their air is unsafe already, so as the The People’s Daily official newspaper of China has announced.

During the 34th month celebration of Beijing International Marathon, the runners wore masks, which my friend Sam Tabar said was simply a precaution since the air is not safe for open-area activities.

The show has extraordinarily brought inspiration to the people of China. The message was clear: It made them understand the real situation of their country, and the future reality if they won’t react early.


Miss International 2014

The 54th annual edition of the Miss International pageant is upon us. This year’s event is taking place at the Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa in Tokyo, Japan. The official pageant began on October 27, 2014.

This year’s beauty from the United States of America is Samantha Brooks. Samantha Brooks was born in California and grew up to represent her home state in the 2014 Miss USA International pageant earlier this year. Now she is up against 72 other drop dead gorgeous women, all vying for the single title of Miss International.

The pageant is held to promote “Love Peace and Excitement to the World”. The contestants and winners are expected to be upstanding women who represent strength and beauty of women around the world. Me and Keith Mann will be tuning in for the finals to find out who will replace the gorgeous Bea Rose Santiago as the next Miss International.


Mood Changing Fabric to Revolutionize Fashion

UK resident and designer with The Unseen, Lauren Bowker, has revolutionized fashion through the creation of a fabric that uses technology to change color with the wearer’s mood. The BBC article is trending on Reddit’s fashion page and is a must read for fashion and technology enthusiasts alike. This new age futuristic fashion piece uses an electroencephalograph head piece to measure brain activity in the wearer. The device then interprets the wearer’s brain waves into emotions such as happy or relaxed. For example, if the wearer is perceived to be happy, the fabric will turn orange and yellow hues. If the wearer is relaxed, the fabric changes to blue and green tones as reported by Broda. Bowker says she was inspired to create a fashion piece that can make a difference and have purpose in the lives of others. Bowker explains that color is a language that can articulate the unseen.


Snoop Dogg Vents About Current State of Hip Hop

Snoop has always been one to speak his mind. He has been a force in music since the 90’s, but lately Snoop has become hypocrtical. He has not had an album or a song in 2014, but he has managed to stay in entertainment news. He abandoned hip hop completely, but now he talks about a new hip hop album.

There was a recent mimicking of Iggy Azalea on the Internet. In this Snoop appeared to be much of a bully in calling Iggy names. It took a call from T.I. to bring this to a halt. Now, Snoop is venting again as he appears to be flustered with the hip hop movement as a whole.

Surprisingly, Snoop said that he was disappointed with the lack of respect that female rappers are shown in the hip hop industry. This surprises many fans that witnessed the extended Twitter beef with Iggy go from bad to worse. The social media atmosphere was divided with some people siding with Snoop in his attack of Iggy. Others sided with Iggy.

Snoop is working on a brand new album that will be produced by Pharell, so many of his comments that champion the voice of female rappers may be damage control if you ask Griffin. He cannot take back what he said about Iggy. At this point he is a hypocrite that failed to give a female rapper the respect she deserved.