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Why You Should Choose The Services That Are Available From The Sunny Plumber

There are not too many homeowners who understand just how important the conditions of their homes’ plumbing systems are to their properties’ overall values. Unfortunately, there are many people who simply utilize their amenities and appliances without knowing how they are operated through the properties’ plumbing systems or not. If this happens to be your case, then you may not necessarily be aware of whether certain issues exist within the framework of the plumbing system’s infrastructural components or not. Please contact The Sunny Plumber so that they can take a look at your property’s plumbing system to let you know whether you will need to have some kind of maintenance task, adjustment, or repair conducted on it. A checkup on your home’s plumbing system is going to work in your favor, especially in pertinence to either retaining or wanting to increase its overall value.

The Sunny Plumber has received several positive reviews for quite some time from the community. Many have attested to the quality of services that they provide and how reliable they are. They are located in Tucson, Arizona and serves homes in any of its areas. If you would like to attain their services, please do not hesitate to contact one of the customer service representatives who are available to take your phone call and provide you with the assistance that you may be needing regarding the conditions of your property’s plumbing system. By calling, you will be able to set up an appointment time that is convenient for your own personal schedule. They understand that everyone has their own obligations and time schedules, thus, being flexible with appointment scheduling is simply one aspect of them striving to fulfill their aspirations of maintaining optimal levels of customer satisfaction. Give them a call to inspect your plumbing system today!



Dez Perez Stands Strong with Tidal

Desiree Perez is someone that music lovers are becoming familiar with. Her name is starting to get a lot of buzz in the music streaming industry and this is a sign that she is a serious business executive that knows how to push companies further. Jay-Z saw this potential in her early, and he has been utilizing her potential to take his business to new heights.


Tidal is the streaming service that people have started listening to because this is the site that has the exclusive content. There are lots of other sites out there, but few are able to get artists to commit to exclusive material. This is what Jay-Z and this Perez have been working on for a while now. Through their partnership they have realized that the best thing that one can do to gain new customers is provide them with an experience that they can’t get anywhere else. That may be the reason that there are so many exclusives from artists like Beyoncé and Alicia Keys that are found on the Tidal website.  Based on


Perez has experience and the ability to do what she needs to do to drive customers to this website. There were a lot of naysayers in place that were not totally committed to the vision that Jay-Z had, but it didn’t really seem to matter. Desiree Perez knew that there was something great to be found in this company. Jay-Z has always made some good business moves. It would be difficult for someone to look at what he’s done and consider this music streaming business a failure. It is true that there was already competition out there, but the reality is that Jay Z is not depending on the old customers anymore. He is working with Perez in order to acquire new music lovers.  Visit this related site.



Goettl Air Conditioning Is Making The World A Better Place

Goettl Air Conditioning, loacted in Pheonix, AZ, Tuscon, AZ, and Las Vegas, is a heating and air company that truly goes about and beyond to make a difference in their community and the world.

Over the holidays Goettl discovered that a local family had been living without heat and air or a toilet for nearly ten years. The manager of Goettl Air, Micheal Gamst, resolved to remedy the familys situation. He gathered a team and installed a new heating and air unit, along with a toilet, all free of charge to the family. They also went in with a non-profit organization, Triple5teens, and supplied the family with several other gifts. Gamst stated that he expects the new heating and air unit to cut the family’s electricity bill in half, which had previously been upwards of $600 a month. Abana Stephenson, the mother of the family, could not express her gratitude enough.

Goettl’s contributions to the community don’t stop there. They are using technological innovations to help consumers conserve energy and improve their heating bills. Their “zone controlled heating” allows consumers to heat their homes on an as needed, room to room basis. Meaning they only pay to heat the rooms that need it. Not only does this technique save the consumer money, it’s extremely environmentally friendly. Only heating areas that need it cuts down on fuel that;s being wasted.

The Goettl brothers started their company in Mansfield Ohio in 1926. During the Great Depression the brothers migrated west in search of opportunity, finally settling themselves in Phoenix, AZ. The company has held over 100 patents at times.

The company is know within it’s communities as a sort of philanthropist. They are always on the look out for new and inventive ways to cut costs for consumers and lessen their impact on the environment. They are always willing to lend a helping hand to their neighbors and want to make heating and air easily accessible and affordable to the world.



The Successful Growth Of AXA Advisors

AXA Advisors is a 200-year old multinational insurance company. The company has its headquarters in Paris. Apart from offering insurance services, the company also provides its clients with financial and investment management services through its many subsidiaries. According to recent estimates, the company’s total assets are just $35 billion shy of the $1 trillion mark. This makes it one of the largest companies worldwide. The company’s leaders such as Vincent Parascandola have enhanced such growth. Vincent is the senior executive vice president of the company. He is based in New York. In 2015, AXA had an employee base of over 166,000. These professionals are specialized in various fields.

For the last eight consecutive years, AXA has been named the world’s best insurance brand. In 2016, good branding saw the company achieve a 14% growth in value. The success of the brand can be attributed to its strategic business plan that involves the running of each of its businesses independently. Apart from its operations in Western Europe, AXA also operates in the Asia Pacific region, North America, Africa, and the Middle East.

Founded as Mutuelle de L’assurance Contre L’incendie in 1816, the company managed to establish itself as a provider of premium insurance services to individuals and businesses in France. The good business environment allowed it to make profits and acquire other companies. Some of its earliest acquisitions were Compagnie Parisienne de Garantie in 1978 and Drouot Group in 1982. The acquisitions were followed by a name change to Mutuelles Unies. In efforts to establish itself as an international brand, it rebranded to AXA in 1985 under the leadership of chairman and CEO, Claude Bebear. The company chose the name as it was easy to pronounce and did not have any negative meaning.

AXA has also been involved in many philanthropic activities such as the AXA Research Fund. The fund is aimed at revealing ways through which human can prevent risks that threaten human life, environment, and society.

About Vincent Parascandola

Vincent Parascandola is AXA Advisor’s senior executive vice president in New York. The executive leader is charged with the duty of overseeing sales, recruitment, retention, management development, and productivity. He is responsible for over 400 financial experts working for AXA in the New York area.

Parascandola joined the insurance sector in 1987. He started by working as an agent for Prudential. His hard work at the firm saw him named national Rookie of the Year. Later, he worked for MONY Life Insurance Company before joining AXA in 2004. The executive leader holds a Pace University’s Bachelor of Science degree.


In Home Wine Tastings with Knowledgeable Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides

Often when people think of wine tastings, they think of an uptight, stuffy affair. It can be an intimidating and unwelcome feeling, if you are unfamiliar with wines. Back in 2001, the idea formed that it was difficult to know if you would like a wine or not, unless you tasted it first, and many do not like to attend uptight wine tastings. The idea launched the Traveling Vineyard. The Traveling Vineyard is an in-home wine tasting business. The company and its Wine Guides offer everyone the opportunity to have a vineyard like wine tasting from the comfort of their own, or a friend’s, home. The Traveling Vineyard offers direct selling of their wines and it has proven effective because many people enjoy just sitting back and relaxing in their own home while trying and tasting different free wines.

Bringing wines directly into people’s homes allows Traveling Vineyard’s wine tastings to be more relaxing and less stuffy than traditional vineyard tastings. Clients get the opportunity to taste and see what is great about each bottle of wine. They know before they purchase that it will be a wine that they can enjoy. The Wine Guides are committed to giving each customer a relaxed and wonderful wine tasting experience. The Wine Guides help educate their clients and work to demystify what makes a good wine. Traveling Vineyard hopes to change the way that people see, taste, and think about shopping for wine, through these in-home wine tastings.

To have an in-home wine tasting, you simply need to contact a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide. The Wine Guide will help you pick out five wines for your tasting. They bring the wines to your home, free of charge, for you, family, and friends to try out. You get to enjoy time with your family and friends and the Wine Guides does all the work. They even bring the glasses and help you choose what foods will be best to compliment the wines. The wines offered are exclusive to the Traveling Vineyard. They are not available for purchase anywhere else. When you purchase wine from Traveling Vineyard, the wine is shipped directly to your home, no hassle or having to find it at the store. The best part, other than the free, in-home wine tasting, is that the wine is affordable for everyone, with wines ranging in price from fourteen to twenty-five dollars.

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Lori Senecal Is Helping People Get the Recognition They Deserve

Lori Senecal is one of those people who have some measure of fame through both their own success and that of others. The main reason for this is the fact that she’s the CEO of CP+B, also known as Crispin Porter + Bogusky, says In her role as CEO of a successful advertising agency her own fortune is tied into that of her clients. When her clients are gaining recognition than she is as well. That said, she deserves some extra attention for being the kingmaker behind a host of well known names.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of her life is apparent at a single glance. Lori Senecal is a woman, and one who’s managed to get a large measure of success in a highly competitive field. She’s grown the firm from a 250 person operation to one which employs over 800 people. In doing so she’s caught a lot of people’s attention not just for such a large measure of success, but also for the fact that she’s a wonderful role model for young women everywhere. As such, it should come as little surprise that she was given Ad Age’s Women to Watch for 2014 award. Though this is obviously just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to her overall recognition in the industry.

That large measure of fame has obviously been a useful tool for someone whose business is advertising and publicity. She’s been able to put it to good use by leveraging it to help inspire and inform people through a series of speaking engagements. It’s obvious that she’s a woman who’s always dreamed big.

It’s little surprise to find that she agrees with that sentiment. As the youngest of four children her drive should be familiar with anyone who’s shared a similar experience. The youngest child needs to push hard to get noticed among the accomplishments of older siblings. This might well be one of the factors which drove her to such a large measure of success at a relatively young age. But whether one looks at her past or speculates on her future one thing is clear. She’s a woman who is pushing the industry into some exciting new directions.

To know more about Lori, follow her on Twitter.

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George Soros’ Thoughts on the Future of Democracy

George Soros recently wrote a piece that appeared on Business Insider warning people of the troubled world that was to come. He called Trump a conman and an incompetent leader who was not fit enough to be a president. George Soros said this at the Davos conference that was held a few weeks ago. He stated that Trump was an impostor and it was a matter of time before he became a dictator.

Soros said that Trump was a part of the “other” form of government which is the opposite of an open society and could only be described as a mafia state. Soros noted that Trump would default to a dictator if he was able to get away with it and that his statements were often contradictory. This is because not even his advisers knew what he would say next and what he said was contrary to what his advisers thought. Soros said that there was hope because the current institutions in the US on Politico were robust enough and would not allow the country to be run as a dictatorship.

Soros mentioned that Trump was definitely in his prime and it would be impossible to predict what Trump would do next because he was not prepared to win the election. He advised his fellow colleagues in the business community to keep as far away from him as possible if they wanted to be safe. George Soros warned that internal struggles would continue to hit the US and some of the minorities would suffer. He also explained that Trump would gain favor with other dictators from around the world even though the various institutions would uphold democracy on Forbes. The US would tolerate the actions of these nations In the end. The president would prefer to make deals rather than defending his principles.

Soros talked about the matter of international relations and other superpowers such as China. He said that Trump was very beneficial for China as president. Soros stated that Trump would boost them even higher than they could have gotten by themselves. He would do this by making them one of the leading members of the international community on Business Insider. Soros said that the Cabinet that Trump had chosen comprised of extremists and retired generals. He added that these leaders would not be able to preserve democracy around the world. Soros has been an avid philanthropist over the course of his career, and he has supported causes and foundations that matter to him. He supported most of the partners of the women’s march that took place on the day of the president’s inauguration. Some of the partners are Planned Parenthood, the American Civil Liberties Union, Human Rights Watch, and the Center for Constitutional Rights.


The Task Up Ahead

As a billionaire and entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky understands how to spot a trend and latch on to it. Thanks to his ability to anticipate when a company will see success and when it won’t he’s made himself a fairly large fortune. Now, Lefkofsky has his sights aimed at something much bigger than usual. He wants to find a way to take on cancer. He’s created a new startup, Tempus, and he’s betting on the power of Big Data to lead the fight.



How Tempus Will Solve It

Tempus is essentially taking the same methods Big Data has used in marketing and in other fields and applies them to cancer treatment. The basis of the idea is that the unique genomic sequence of every individual creates a unique interaction with the various fomrs of cancer treatment available. Using this data physicians can understand which treatments are likely to work and which treatments will no on an individual basis. Currently, this data is used by doctors to determine which treatment plan is best used in each situation. Eventually, the data gathered will lead to profound discoveries around the science of cancer. has more of this.



One Solution For One Problem

The use of Big Data to combat cancer is a new approach, but the idea of personalized medicine is fairly old. Scientists and medical researchers have long sought out a way to treat each case of disease in a manner specific to the individual afflicted. However, the methodology and technology necessary simply wasn’t available. Eric Lefkofsky is providng them with the path to making this a reality for everyone.



About Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur who focuses on creating companies before he sells them. Examples of his work are easy to find. Since his college days he create a countless number of some of the most important startups around. Thanks to his business acumen Lefkofsky is now worth $7 billion. He uses his wealth to help others and change the world for the better. Fighting against cancer is simply one of many ways he aims to do that.  See


Eric Lefkofsky


How Securus Technologies Has Helped in Preventing and Solving Crime

Securus Technologies published several facility customer comments on 21st October 2016 about how they used technology in preventing and solving the crime. Securus Technology is a top provider of criminal and civil justice technology solutions for investigation, public safety, monitoring, and corrections. Securus stated that they received the comments in the form of email communications and formal letters from jail and prison officials from all over the US. They added that the comments came from officials who are responsible for solving and preventing crimes while making a safer and better incarceration environment.


Richard Smith is the CEO and Chairman of Securus Technologies. He stated that the company develops a new product every week that assists correction officials and law enforcement in preventing and solving crimes. One person reported that they were able to use information obtained from phone calls in getting a search warrant or a staff member who was corrupt. This led to the arresting of the official. I believe that this is an excellent assistance from Securus.


Another customer comment stated that it was easy monitoring calls that contained information about an inmate use of alcohol, sale of drugs, threatening, and suspicious conversations about money transfers. The suspect was apprehended by the use of technology provided by Securus Technologies. A correctional facility stated that it has been using technology solutions that are offered by Securus for more than ten years. The facility is happy to see that Securus is committed to revolutionizing the environment of incarceration and increasingly assisting them in enhancing public safety within their jurisdiction.


I am impressed by the Securus vision and their development of future capabilities to help in the prevention and solving of crimes. It was in the middle of an investigation that I called Securus about their covert alert feature. They helped me utilize this feature and arrest the custody. These are words from a satisfied Securus Customer.


For more information about Securus Technologies, see





The EOS Lip Balm Company

For many years EOS lip balm has been a leader in the lip balm Market. Over seven years ago the pastel colored eggs hit the market and their popularity has grown ever since. EOS which stands for Evolution of Smooth is a multi-million dollar company that has only recently given an exclusive interview for their strategy on becoming the top lip balm company in the market. As seen throughout the article, EOS discusses how the demand for natural and organic products brought them to be a multi-million dollar company.

Close to a decade ago the EOS co founder and managing partner decided he wanted to shake up the Beauty World. He was looking to offer a cool and Innovative product that not only looked cute but worked well also. The idea of a lip balm stuck out to them as a prime product to make since most of the products on the market offered the same thing. Most of the typical lip balm brands use the same packaging as well as the same flavors and offered the same kind of benefits. EOS wanted to offer something cool and unique. They set out to find a unique design as well as unique flavors.

Throughout their quest to to create the unique product the cofounders of EOS found that a large majority of lip balm users were women looking for cute convenient ways to use and store their lip balm. The EOS lip balm was designed to have convenient packaging as well as very attractive Packaging. In the end they settled on an egg shape product that not only smells good but also offered bright fun colorful Packaging and a smooth luxurious texture.

EOS continues to be a leader in the lip balm industry. They offer a large variety of colors and flavors including strawberry, melon, and even pomegranate. They are not only cute and convenient but they are also great product to use for the lips especially during the cold winter months when lips can and become dry and damaged.

Check out‘s website and Facebook page for more information.