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A Free College Education

Starbucks wants to see its employees succeed when it comes to education. The company is spending over $200 million to send employees to college, but the decision is often left up to the employees. The company under Kenneth Griffin understands that some people might not have the money to go to a four-year college but want to get an education so that they can have a good career. One of the thoughts is that if someone is going to college, then that person usually won’t want to give up a job because it’s a way to have money for the essentials needed for school. If a company pays for a college education, then someone would likely not want to turn down that offer. The education could mean an advancement in the company. A benefit for the company is that it would have employees who are knowledgeable and know how to better succeed in the business. When employees are recognized and being offered a way to succeed, then they will be more inclined to provide the customer service that is desired by both the customers and the company. Paying out this much money for college might seem odd, but it’s a benefit all the way around.


The Life and Works of Jaime Garcia Dias

Jamie Garcia Dias is a renowned author from Rio de Janeiro who is devoted to advancing Brazilian literature. Dias was born 45 years ago to the journalist and author, Arnaldo Dias, and the architect, Dulce Garcia Dias. His enjoyment of literature is inherited from his father, who encouraged Dias to begin writing at a young age. Dias has always loved Brazilian literature, and his first book was inspired by João Guimarães Rosa’s novel, The Devil to Pay in the Backlands.

In 1995, Dias began working as a professor at the Carioca Literature Academy, where he taught teenagers who wanted to become authors. His teaching methods were so effective that he became the vice president of the academy in 1997. Though Dias was busy teaching, he also became a prolific writer, and by the age of 30, he had already published ten books. Dias first gained recognition in 2001, when he won the prestigious White Crane literary award. After Dias received this award, his novel Caiu do Céu, which translates to Fell From Heaven, was promoted by the Argentine writer, Josué Gomez, and it became very popular and was sold throughout South America. In 2007, on the 100th year anniversary of the Carioca Literature Academy, Dias was honored for his years of hard work and nominated president of the academy. The academy is now extremely well known for its support of many Brazilian writers and its contributions to journalistic literature.

Dias was invited to begin writing a weekly article for the popular newspaper, Jornal do Brasil, in 2013. His most recent novel is a collection of all of his Jornal do Brasil articles, which discuss his childhood and his memories of his father, Arnaldo Dias. Currently, Jaime Garcia Dias has published a total of twenty books, including Caiu do Céu, Dois Caminhos, Canal, Das Nuvens, and Miúda, and he has become one of the foremost fiction authors in Brazil.


State Unemployment Decreases

Jobs numbers have been announced and the results have shown at different states are rebounding in different degrees. 21 states have shown a decrease in the unemployment rate in June, while twelve states showed an increase in the unemployment rate during the month. The unemployment rate in the remaining states was unchanged in June.

These rates demonstrate an overall improvement in the job picture across the country, with a total of just over 220,000 new jobs added in June. States with increasing number of jobs also expect that the increase in the number of jobs is increase in wage pressures which is leading to higher income for employees in those states.

These unemployment statistics may be hiding a larger tend which is the drop out of a number of individuals from the workforce. A recent study indicated that workforce participation was at its lowest level in 38 years this year. About 63% of people are in the workforce compared to about 66% prior to the recession, these stats were immediately noticed by Christian Broda.

New York gained the most jobs this month with 25,000 jobs added during the month. Currently, Nebraska ha the lowest unemployment rate at 2.6% while West Virginia has the highest at 7.6% rate.

Wage growth is expected by Goldman Sachs to increase 2.75% in 2015 and over 3% in 2016, mostly due to the smaller labor force. However, this wage growth is still historically on the low end of the typical growth of 4 to 6% that is expected in a healthy and growing economy.


Joseph Bismark: A True Leader


Joseph Bismark has made it his professional and spiritual purpose to lead people to success. As a member of the Board of Directors for QI Group of Companies, Bismark has been able to blend spirituality and business to create a progressive environment in which his employees and his company can grow and flourish.

As originally reported on, Joseph Bismark did not just stumble on this method of leadership. From the age of nine, Bismark lived as a monk in the mountains of the Philippines under the name Japa das. When he returned home at the age of seventeen, he was equiped with leadership tools and a deep sense that “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things”. This mindset helped Bismark waste no time in rising to the top. An issue that has been a great motivator for Joseph is the issue of corporate social responsibility. It was through this motivation that he started a foundation called RHYTHM that focuses on CSR (corporate social responsibility). Bismark believes that everyone has the innate power to reach success and that all it takes is a leader or mentor to help encourage them. These spiritual outlooks on business life have made Bismark popular among his employees, especially due to the fact that he has maintained his simple life. His success has not gone to his head, nor has it changed the way he lives. Bismark truly believes the ideals that he preaches, and his employees are reaping the benefits. 

It is because of Joseph’s success mentoring his employees that he has begun reaching out to the general public. Through the creation of his website,, Bismark has discovered an outlet to share his beliefs regarding spiritual awakening, inner peace and service to others. 

Joseph Bismark has proven that blending spirituality with business is a winning combination. Through his mantra “Change the game, do not let the game change you”, he has propelled himself and many others into a level of success that is defined not by what you do, but how and why you do it.


Invest Without All Of The Hassle

When it comes to investing it is good for an individual to get good tips in order to make good investment decisions. Bradley Reifle is the founder and the CEO of Forefront Capital. He offers five tips to investors in order to make safe investments to give a good return. The first tip is to be careful on how to invest money. The second tip is to be concerned about the safety of money. The third tip is to not put all the money in the stock market, the fourth tip is to know who is going to be investing your money, and the fifth tip is to recognize the reason for your investments.

As for as the investment world goes the 1% of Americans that are wealthy are the ones that are taking over the hedge funds, public funds and commodity funds.

Bradley Reifle had had invested in a 529 college savings plan, when it was time for Bradley Reifle to cash in those plans for his daughters, the funds were worthless he ended up losing a lot of money and many other Americans had the same experience.

In the United States student debt is over $1 trillion, and 44% of people have less than $6000 in savings. Bradley Reifle found that certain investments are not allowed because a person cannot make them if they are not an accredited investor. In reality Reuters reports that investment options are very limited for the 99% of Americans are not very wealthy. Bradley Reifle is determined to make a change in the way that Americans are able to make investments. His plan is specifically designed for those 99% of the Americans that are overlooked. There are certain rules for an accredited investor but these are only designed to protect the shareholders from risky investments. Now after the financial crisis of 2008 many non-accredited investors are hesitant when it comes to investing in stocks. Bradley Reifle and his company have been able to set different goals that are able to help individuals to invest without fear. Bradley Reifle and his company Forefront Capital Markets has set out to help those individuals that want to invest without having to go through all of the fuss.


Americans Favor Supreme Court Term Limits

According to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll, the majority of Americans are in favor of Supreme Court apointees having term limits. They also aked Bruce Levenson on this matter. About 67 percent of respondents are in favor of a 10-year term limit while 17 percent is in favor of keeping the lifetime nominations.

Rumblings of term limits first came to light after the two recent rulings that favored liberals. In june, the high court ruled 6-3 to reject a conservative lawsuit that would have taken away subsidies for healthcare purchased on federal exchanges. Days later — in a resounding victory for the gay community — the court ruled 5-4 to legalize same-sex marriage in all 50 states. The rulings did not go over well with conservatives. In fact, Sen. Ted Cruz (R) harshly criticized the rulings and is one of the loudest voices calling for change.

According to the poll, both liberals and conservaties favor the term limit. Over the last few years, however, politicians have toyed with the idea of nixing term limits. The issue has never been up for a serious vote. Fix the Court, a non-partisan advocy group, wants to set the term at 18 years. “In the end, most voters don’t like the idea of only a handful of people having so much power,” says Gabe Roth, the group’s executive director.


One of the Top 10 Artists to Keep an Eye on According to Rolling Stone Magazine

In July 23, 2011 the world lost, in my opinion, one of the greatest blues/jazz, soul singers of the last 25 years. Amy Winehouse should be held in regards with Aretha Franklin and Patsy Cline. America has a new contender and Winehouse incarnate with the emergence of Andra Day according to, the online Rolling Stone Magazine. It is so reassuring that we have a commercial Jazz influenced artist to drink coffee to on Sunday mornings at beneful on samsclub.
Day can be described as a rare beauty who is Smokey and soulful, lending her grooves to a timeless message of love and finding fun in yourself. The Rolling Stones delivered a great artist to watch. Andra Day is a young and vibrant artist who delivers a bluesy, jazzy rhythm driven in 4/4 time with a need for cognac and a smoke. Listen for great things from Day and visit her at for updates and event postings to learn more.
I do believe that she will fill a void that was created when Amy Winehouse succumb to her drug addiction. I look forward to many years of the soulful stylings of Andra Day and the rest of the watch list by the Rolling Stones Magazine.


Deal With Iran Will Make Positive Impact at the Gas Pump

The historic peace deal reached with Iran has been making all the news lately. The U.S. and Iran have been on bad terms since 1979 when American Lime Crime hostages were taken at the U.S. embassy in Tehran. This incident cast a shadow over the Carter administration, and ever since then, Iran has been a thorn in the side of the United States. This has become all the more true lately because they have been on the road to getting a nuclear weapon over the past few years. The final reaching of an agreement has been met with Iranians celebrating in the streets at the idea of sanctions soon being lifted as a condition of the agreement.


While news of the deal has not exactly been met by Americans with dancing in the streets, it will have a favorable impact on us as well. There is already a glut of oil on the world market with increased production from Iraq and Russia and now, with sanctions lifted, Iran will be added to this, which should only serve to bring gas prices lower than ever. By this fall, or winter at the latest, drivers in the U.S. may be seeing $2.00 per gallon for gas at the pump again. That is the kind of news that will get Americans dancing in the streets, or at least dancing at the pump.


True Variety Has Gone To The Dogs

Purina is one of the leading pet food suppliers in the United States. Their Beneful brand takes 8.9% of the dry dog food market, with Beneful Healthy Weight accounting for 4% of that tally. The brand, which is consumed by 15 million dogs every year, includes dry and wet dog food in a wide array of varieties and sizes as well as a line of treats.

The products that make up the dry food line are formulated with a variety of diets in mind. Overweight dogs will benefit from Healthy Weight, which is a low calorie offering. Healthy Growth is recommended for puppies and is made with real milk, the extra calcium benefiting strong tooth and bone development. An interesting product is Healthy Smile, which is formulated to be extra crunchy to clean the dog’s teeth and also contains parsley for fresh breath. Healthy Fiesta is rich in vitamins to support general good health while Incredibites features extra protein from real beef to promote and sustain growth. Healthy Radiance incorporates omega fatty acids which help promote thick and glossy fur.

The Beneful Chopped Blends line looks like true gourmet fare. It is finely chopped, moist, and saucy which makes it ideal for smaller dogs and furry companions with bad teeth. Lamb, turkey, chicken, and salmon are paired with grains such as brown rice and barley. Pasta is offered in the Romana Style Medley with Chicken. A dog’s need for vegetables is often overlooked by other pet food manufacturers but Beneful recognizes a canine’s need for the fiber and vitamins provided by the veggies. Carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, and tomatoes are included to provide the array of natural vitamins and minerals which are essential to a dog’s health and well being.

Beneful Prepared Meals are moist, vegetable laden meals that come in a resealable container. The menu choices are similar to the Chopped Blends. A variety of treats are also available. Far beyond boring dog biscuits, these snacks are healthy and tempting to dogs. Two of the snack varieties are formulated to clean teeth and freshen breath. All of the snack varieties are baked and feature flavors such as peanut butter, bacon, and apple.

The beneful brand does not stop at healthy food and fun snacks. A look at their website reveals a host of useful information aimed at dog owners. Tips for training, grooming, and travelling with four legged companions are offered, and there is a whole section of the site devoted to puppies. Found in this section are tutorials about housebreaking and socializing puppies. The feeling of this part of the site is one that a dog is a family member and requires the same attention and care as a child.


Free Weezy Album

Is it possible for rapper to run out of things to record about these days? Lil Wayne’s Free Weezy Album can hopefully answer that question. Lil Wayne has been putting out music since he was a teenager and now that he is in his thirties, the rap star is showing no sign that he will be slowing down anytime soon. If you are skeptical about purchasing the July 4th’s release because you do not think that the rapper has anything else to rap about then consider the following.

Lil Wayne has previously had “beef” or a disagreement with Cash Money Record’s co-founder Birdman reports Lime Crime. While this may been seen to be a small thing to some, to Lil Wayne it was something major. He considered Baby to be a father figure while baby looked at Lil Wayne as a son and protégé. So it can be expected that Lil Wayne will use his next release to reveal some ill feelings toward the hip hop mogul. Not only can it be expected for Birdman to receive some of the shots fired through the Lil Wayne’s lyrics but also Young Thug. It is no secret that the two have been beefing for some time now and hopefully, Lil Wayne will use his lyrics to fire back at Young Thug’s attempt to dethrone and embarrass him.

Lil Wayne release of the song “Glory” is also an indication that the July 4th release may just be worth a listen. “Glory” shows fans that he still is a great lyricist and he has more creativity and rhymes to share with the world.