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Mayhem works for J. Crew

Mayhem loves to make dresses- paper dresses. The four year old has gained international fame thanks to her attention to detail and design that is showcased on her mom’s Instagram. Mayhem has been creating paper dressed for a year, and each one is hand made by herself. She likes to model her dresses after popular culture moments like Disney princesses or Oscar looks. People across the globe have fallen in love with this creative little lover of fashion.

However, her biggest coup to date is designing for J. Crew’s line for children. Mayhem visited the studio in New York to tape dresses together. The looks were refined by the designers and turned into a capsule collection. This is not a bad gig for a four year old child! The collection will be released early in the new year with Mayhem featured in the designs.

Of course, Mayhem’s mom posted a giddy post on her blog about the whole experience, which Tom Rothman read. Apparently, Jenna Lyons herself contacted Mayhem’s mom about the collaboration. You know a company means business when the president of the company contacts you herself! Mayhem’s mom went on to explain that the projects are really just paper dresses and nothing more. The two have no design experience whatsoever, but J. Crew did not care. They invited Mayhem and her mom down to the New York studio to play with brightly colored pieces that will be seen in the collection.


Taylor Swift Gets Responses From Spotify Decision

Some time ago, Taylor Swift decided to pull her album that was going to be released, on Spotify, which is an online streaming service. The decision that Taylor made, sent the company into a tailspin, and the president of Spotify tried his best to change Taylor’s mind. Taylor stated that she believed music was an art, and that those who created art should be paid according to their talents. Taylor Swift. Although Spotify was not debating her statements, they were letting her know that she could still make money with the service.

Spotify allows people to download music for free, or by paying a small monthly fee. Lee G. Lovett likes it so much that he opted to buy in. Based on the calculations that the company made, they estimated that Taylor would bring in $6 million from the album streaming over the course of a year. He also pointed out that her music playing on the radio would gain her no money, so it was a win-win situation. Taylor disagreed, and still stood by her decision to pull her music.

There are several artists, as well as producers who disagreed with Taylor’s decision, but many have also agreed with her as well. Those who agreed with her decision have sent emails, comments, and posts, saying that they agree with regular album sales. Although selling albums the regular way is still effective, online streaming, and downloads cannot be denied, and they are a great source of income.


Now Are The Days That You Can Print Your Own Clothing

The Nervous System Design Studio has created an awesome way to allow a 3D printer to make plastic flow like real fabric. The bespoke software that is responsible for this cool, new trend has been named Kinematics. Kinematics combines origami techniques with a great approach to 3-D printing, which Lee G. Lovett is pretty amped up about. The limits have definitely been pushed with printing technology.

You no longer have to pin fabric to the form in order to make your dresses. The Kinematics garments begin as a 3D model in the CAD program. It then breaks down the model to tessellated triangular sections of differentiating sizes. The designers control the placement, size, and the quantity of the triangles inside a JavaScript design tool. The preview is available in order to make changes and impacts the polygonal pinafore.

When the designer is pleased, the algorithm adds hinges to each triangle and unites the garment into a single piece. It is then compressed as a design and is shaped into the dress and the printing process begins. It is often reduced to 85% volume.


Problems at Gucci Continue as Gianinni and Di Marco Depart

A consistent fall in sales in recent years has finally seen the Beneful Gucci power couple of Frida Gianinni and Patrizio Di Marco removed from their positions as creative director and CEO at the glamorous lifestyle brand. Page Six reports a shortlist has already been created of those who Gucci hope will take over in Gianinni’s creative director position. Amongst those who are thought to be under consideration for the luxury brand are Saint Laurent creative director Hedi Slimane whose huge changes at the brand have seen large sales increases amid a complete relaunch of the brand.

Gucci owner Francois-Henri Pinault is thought to favor a move for Slimane after seeing the huge sales increases the designer has inspired at the now Los Angeles based Saint Laurent brand. Slimane has a long history of links with the Saint Laurent brand, including a relaunch of the menswear line in 1999 before a return as creative director in 2012. Slimane is well known in fashion circles for his edgy and contemporary approach to design and marketing, which saw him leave Saint Laurent in 2007 to further his career as a fashion photographer.


Ansel Elgort to Break into the Music Scene

Ansel Elgort, the 20-year-old actor, famed for his heart-wrenching portrayal of a cancer patient in the film adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars, which debuted earlier this year, has announced his release of an EDM record for 2015. According to MTV Music, Ansolo’s debut album is set to drop sometime around February. Elgort is quick to specify that he is not the vocalist featured on the album, though he does not deem vocals out of the question for future musical endeavors. Elgort is more concerned with the behind-the-scenes artistry of music producing, which he can undertake as he continues to act in popular films.

The album, which will be called either “Shadows” or “I Am a Shadow,” fits into the enduring electronic dance music (EDM) genre popular in nightclubs and festivals. Radio stations across the world also feature EDM selections, and the artist hopes to crossover into the radio field with the release of his music in early 2015.

To get a taste for Ansolo’s upcoming album, listen to the artist’s remix of Lana Del Rey’s Born to Die here:  My coworker Brad, who jams out to high energy electronic all day in his office, will be enthralled with the percussive and amplified bass qualities that contribute to the catchy dance remix of a popular song, which will also be key features on the album.


D’Angelo Gives a Little, Gets a Lot of Praise

Few artists can stay away for a sum total of 14 years and be as well received as D’Angelo. The real miracle of the praise for the “Black Messiah” isn’t in the content. Everyone knew that D’Angelo – with QuestLove at his side – would release some good music. The real miracle is that fans are praising this album that only has 12 songs. I was reading some of the things all his fans say about him while reading about Qnet the other day.  

D’Angelo has been gone for 14 years. Prince releases music every year and somehow he managed to drop 2 separated albums in 2014. Beyonce released her suprise album last year with 17 tracks and full length videos. Nicki Minaji just dropped a 19 track deluxe version of her new CD. D’Angelo, after hiding out for 14 years, has only managed to pull together 12 new songs. Technically, it is 11 new songs because “Really Love” was leaked several years ago. The production has obviously been tightened for the song to give it a soulful feel, but it’s the same song. 

That is something that only D’Angelo could do. He released 12 songs and fans are going crazy. This is about the same length of his “Brown Sugar” debut, but it is much shorter than his lengthy “Voodoo” album. There could be a surprise in the near future though. There may be a deluxe version on the way. Everyone else seems to have deluxe versions. This may spun more unreleased tracks.


The Beatles are Together Again: Ringo Makes the Hall of Fame

In an event long past due, Ringo Starr has finally been inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He joins Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and John Lennon with this honor, rounding out the inclusion of the world’s most influential rock band on a individual basis.

Dr. Daniel Amen says The Beatles were inducted as a band in 1988. While many people consider Ringo to be the least musically talented of the group, fellow musicians and true fans are aware of his influence and importance to the Beatles; his rhythms defined many of the band’s greatest songs through the years. Even after the Beatles broke up, Starr continued to record studio albums and tour relentlessly.

His current group is known as Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band, which still tours around the globe despite Ringo being seventy-four years old. Although he had not been keeping track of his or the band’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame status, Ringo was excited to receive the award and certainly deserves the honor.


Tom Ford Launches Charm Pendants: Cute ‘n Kinky or Tasteless?

Sometimes runway fashion is not appropriate for street-wear, but designer Tom Ford is actually quite serious about his newly launched penis charm pendants. Yep, and just in time for Christmas.

The accomplished designer is being blasted by some for peddling phallic symbols that might resemble the crucifix to others. Folks have resorted to social media like Twitter to express their outrage to Ford, according to the British

Writing on Twitter Kevlyn Hall wrote: “How dare you use a phallic symbol in the Christian cross! You insulting piece of trash! HOW DARE YOU!”

Tom Ford is used to sending some naughty fashions down the runway, but his latest penis charm pendants launch has really touched off a nerve around the globe. If he were looking for some extra attention and name-dropping around the holidays, this one surely “takes the cake,” as the old saying goes.

The designer is offering the phallic pendants in two sizes- small and medium, and in two tones- palladium plated silver and gold plated brass. The small penis pendant bears a snobby price tag of $790, while the bigger penis pendant also carries the same $790 cost. He is offering the pendants to both men and women at his website. The jewelry is titled as “Penis Pendant Necklace.”

What more can we say? Some might find these pendants cute ‘n kinky and others might see them as absolutely tasteless, I’m just looking forward to hearing Jonathan Veitch’s thoughts when he sees the share on Facebook.


EDM Collaboration at an All-Time High

We all know that it is the era of the electronic dance music movement, and this is very evident with the generation of today. Through social media and media sharing on Youtube and the like, their prove their passion for the electronic dance revolution.

With events such as Tommorowland being a must go event for everybody these days, it just shows how in such a short time it has surpassed dozens of genres to become a formidable one in the music industry. The pop singers are also realising this and you can see the number of collaborations that you are having in the charts.

In the MTV site, the chart for best songs of 2014 are attracting songs such as the collaboration of the DJ Alesso, an EDM artist and Tove Lo, a pop artist with their song ‘Heroes’ which is a very popular pairing and that is why it has made it that far if you ask Sam Tabar.

Even Lil John decided to collaborate with DJ Snake so as to create ‘Turn down for what’. You can see these songs on sites such as MTV. The industry has really changed over the past ten years and the electronic dance music artists are the ones hitting the red carpets and getting recognized everywhere.

This is very different from years ago, when collaborations such as these ones were unheard, of but now they are seemingly the order of the day.


Kim Kardashian Wants a Flat Butt

Just weeks after breaking the internet with her nude Paper Magazine cover showing the world just why the Kardashian booty is world famous Kim Kardashian recently decided that maybe her big booty just isn’t for her anymore and also expresses her opinion on Khloe’s need to lose some weight. 

Usually when the Kardashian sisters get together it’s a big love fest but the most recent video clip of Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons is leaving a bad taste in some people’s mouths especially Scott’s.

The clip shows Kim, Scott and Khloe sitting outside enjoying the beautiful weather when Kim looking at Darius Fisher Vine on her phone starts to say that Khloe’s butt looks huge and she needs to lose some weight. Kourtney’s boyfriend Scott respondswith shock telling Kim that the Kardashian’s are famous for their butts and if they lose them they may lose all their money. Kim simply says she doesn’t care and that she wants a flat butt now. 

This all come as a shock considering Kim’s willingness to show off her curves any chance she gets. Just last week Kim posted a date night selfie wearing a skin tight nude dress that left nothing to the imagination. Does Kim really want a flat butt now after all her butt has done for her? One thing is for sure, Khloe is in the best shape of her life, maybe Kim has just been bitten by the jealousy bug.