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Dan Newlin Helps The Fight For Justice In Florida and Chicago

The news that Orlando based personal injury lawyer Dan Newlin is set to open an office in his hometown of Chicago has been met with support from members of both cities as the experienced attorney seeks to expand the number of people he can help in the future. Newlin has been a major part of the Florida legal system since switching careers from the role of firefighter to personal injury attorney and focusing his practice on Orlando and Florida. The many successes Newlin has found for his clients have eased the pain and suffering of many as they seek justice and peace of mind following an injury or workplace problems.

The majority of people in Florida became aware of the work of Dan Newlin in 2014 when he played a key role in the award of $100 million in the shooting case of 15 year old Danielle Sampson. The record award ensured the past and future medical bills of the teenager, who remains paralyzed and unable to speak two years after she was shot by a stray bullet fired during a home invasion. Newlin understands a monetary award cannot make a difference to the life of the teenager or her family, but can remove some of the distress and problems faced by those who are faced with a lifetime of caring for another person. Dan Newlin was discussed in this press release as well.

The entire career of Dan Newlin has been focused on helping those in his community who find themselves in stressful situations. The popular attorney has recently returned to his hometown of Chicago where he will operate a law office aimed at assisting those from his home community in maintaining their safety and sense of justice in the future. The rise in profile of Dan Newlin has coincided with the introduction of a shortened phone number that takes potential clients directly to the offices of the lawyer by simply dialing #DAN. Newlin hopes that by simplifying the contact issues for himself he will allow the largest number of individuals possible to seek his help and receive the justice they feel they deserve.


Diversify Your Investment Strategy

For investors who are new to the game, they are always looking for the latest stock that will produce large profits in the quickest period of time. Unfortunately, if they find this, they make the mistake of focusing exclusively on that and ignoring other areas that may be more profitable. Then if the market takes a tumble and prices fall, they are left with smaller profits than anticipated or in fact a loss. Therefore, before investing that first dollar, it’s crucial to have an investment strategy that is very diverse.

Do Your Research
What surprises many new investors is the amount of research needed to make informed decisions when it comes to choosing the right investments. However, for anyone who has worked with Brad Reifler, they know all too well just how important doing your homework can be to finding success. As the founder of Reifler Trading Company, Pali Trading, and Forefront Capital LLC, Brad has known from day one that research was the key to understanding financial markets. At all of his companies, he put in extensive time and effort conducting institutional research, credit analysis, information dissemination, and much more in order to be successful. And based on the results, it’s clear his research paid off handsomely. For example, during his 13-year run as CEO of Pali Trading, he and his sales team amassed an astounding $1 billion in commission income, a figure once considered almost unattainable. As he continues in his current role at Forefront Capital, Brad has clearly established himself as one of the world’s top entrepreneurs and investors, continuing on the path to success that started over three decades ago.

Dollar-Cost Averaging and its Benefits
A number of new investors always think they can buy or sell stocks at just the perfect moment each and every time, and thus will tend to hold onto a stock too long or sell it too quickly. One of the first things investment experts caution against is trying to time the market. According to them, nobody has ever had a perfect day trading on the stock market. No matter how hard investors try, they can never buy at the lowest point and sell at the highest, since there’s no way of knowing when either of these will occur. This is where dollar-cost averaging comes into play, and it’s a sound strategy for beginners. By simply choosing to invest a set amount of money each month into a mutual fund, most investors find their profits and losses balance out over time, usually resulting in more profits than losses. So by taking the time to make a commitment and sticking with it, new investors can find themselves profiting more often than not.


Adam Sender Hedge Fund Manager and Art Collector

Adam D. Sender has been collecting art since 1988 with the help of his art advisor, Todd Levin. He has over 800 painting by 139 artists. Last year, he closed Exis Capital Management a company he founded to sell art. He says he grew up Jewish but now embraces a Buddhist philosophy.

He planned to sell the collection of art, over a 18 month period, through Sotheby’s. The value of the collection is estimated to be from $70 million to $80 million dollars. Some of the artists in the collection are Urs Fischer, Dan Flavin, Barbara Kruger, and Cindy Sherman.

Sender planned to have a special art exhibit in one of his vacant Miami Beach homes this year. The house is not for sale immediately so we are testing the art with pop up exhibitions he says. He wants to show the art he collected instead of hiding it away. It is in the spotlight in Art Basel Miami Beach special exhibit an organization that organizes high quality art shows and exhibits.

This exhibit will feature works from Richard Prince, Cindy Sherman, Rasid Johnson, and Chris Ofili. The art for the exhibit was chosen by the curator Sarah Aibel. Sender says he only purchased art from established artists with a long career. His art reflects various art movement that have taken place over the years. Some of these movements are minimalism and conceptual art.

Adam Sender has found it very challenging to find art that was visually and intellectually stimulating. He has great focus and good relationships with many art dealers He shares his art collection with the world instead of hiding it away. Every single piece of art he has purchase,he has been passionate about. Here, Adam Sender was discussed in a Business Insider article.

Sender owns a work by Cindy Sherman called Untitled #93(1981) that is worth about 2-3 million dollars. Most of the money that helped him purchase the art came from being a hedge fund manager. He lends many of his paintings to museum for exhibits and plans to donate several paintings in the future.


The Federal Reserve Interest Rate Hike Might Be On Hold According To Some Economists

Interest rates have been at record lows for almost nine years. Most economists are expecting a rate hike in 2015, but none of the money men know when and how much that hike will be, given current economic changes. One of those changes is the devaluation of the Chinese yuan. Another one is flat production in the United States. Economists are now saying a 3 percent GDP increase in 2015 won’t materialize. They is an element of uncertainty floating around economic circles, and that is never a good sign. Economies around the world are weak, and as 2015 enters the 4th quarter, there is no sign that things will get better.

Christian Broda a former economics professor and managing direction of a Duquesne Capital Management knows a lot about China and the current state of the economy in that country. China is the largest economy in the world, but there are severe cracks in the Chinese system. The stock market in China, according to Broda is a mess, and even though there are several large building projects in motion, new construction is not what it was a year ago. China is also experiencing price increases in the production sector of the economy. The cheap exports are not that cheap anymore according to Broda, and He says the Chinese have moved a portion of that production to Vietnam and Indonesia. Broda thinks China is the key to a stable global economy and, at the moment, China is not that stable.

The Federal Reserve knows that China’s economy is shaky because the International Monetary Fund just approved the devaluation of the yuan. Economists say even though the value of the dollar is up 6.5 percent this year against other currencies it is still not the right time to raise interest rates, and it appears the Feds might agree. Whatever the Feds decide one thing is sure, according to most economists. This year’s growth will not be as strong as expected, and next year’s forecast isn’t looking much better. There are too many global issues that need attention, and there is a lot of debate about what that attention should look like.


Plastic Bottles: out. S’well: in.


Plastic bottles are beginning to diminish the world we live in today. Not everyone is concerned with this epidemic but Sarah Kauss saw that it was a dire need within our own world. Plastic waste is a big problem in our world today. Not only plastic waste but our depleting water crisis is also a big problem to help preserve. Sarah Kauss found a way to help make our world beautiful.

CNN states that “A professor did a presentation about the global water crisis and the impact on the planet from plastic waste,” said Kauss. “I knew then that my bottle idea had to happen.” With her motivation in check she is conquering her solution.

According to their Wikipedia, S’well bottles are reusable stainless steel and have the ability to keep liquids cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. The bottles are BPA free as well as a sleek design for anytime of the day use.

It is not just for the gym’s or parks, they designs are able to be used in professional offices as well without the bulky look. The design makes water available for any job type with saving our planet from using many more water bottles to crummy up our beautiful place we call home. They have released a wood design that enables the company to plant a tree in an American forest for every bottle sold as well. One person is all it took to change our world for the better.


The New Wolf On WallStreet

An investment bank is not the same as a typical retail or commercial bank. This specific type of banking manages capital for other corporations. Investment banks do the underwriting of new debts, as well as equities for other companies. Unlike commercial banks, an investment bank does not accept deposits of money from the general public. The major difference between the two types of banking institutions is that an investment bank organizes the purchase and sale of investments. A commercial bank is responsible for the management of deposits into an account.

Additionally, investment banks can also play a role in the sale of securities. An investment banker who works for an investment bank may aid in mergers and/or acquisitions of equities and commodities. They can offer services such as:

Act as the middleman for a corporation that desires the issuance of new securities and the actual buyer.
Advice to buyers or sellers of the valuation of a business.
Matching up both buyers and sellers for the sale or trade of equity.

There are two main sectors when it comes to investment banking; buying and selling. The buying sector manages private equities, mutual funds, hedge funds and life insurance. As far as the selling sector is concerned, this involves raising of capital and foreign exchange.

Co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero has over 30 years experience in investment banking. Mr. Dondero is a graduate of University of Virginia and holds a degree in accounting and finance. His expertise in the field of investment banking afforded him the opportunity to manage funds in excess of two billion dollars for Protective Life GIC, as well as working for American Express where he was in charge of one billion dollars worth of accounts. Mr. Dondero is also a member of the Board of Directors for American Banknote and MGM Studios. Currently, he is Chairman of the Board for CCS Medical and Cornerstone Healthcare and NextBank. James Dondero played a significant role in the creation of the well-known Collateralized Loan Obligation. His drive and ambition helped to build Highland Capital into the powerhouse corporation it is today.


A Free College Education

Starbucks wants to see its employees succeed when it comes to education. The company is spending over $200 million to send employees to college, but the decision is often left up to the employees. The company under Kenneth Griffin understands that some people might not have the money to go to a four-year college but want to get an education so that they can have a good career. One of the thoughts is that if someone is going to college, then that person usually won’t want to give up a job because it’s a way to have money for the essentials needed for school. If a company pays for a college education, then someone would likely not want to turn down that offer. The education could mean an advancement in the company. A benefit for the company is that it would have employees who are knowledgeable and know how to better succeed in the business. When employees are recognized and being offered a way to succeed, then they will be more inclined to provide the customer service that is desired by both the customers and the company. Paying out this much money for college might seem odd, but it’s a benefit all the way around.


The Life and Works of Jaime Garcia Dias

Jamie Garcia Dias is a renowned author from Rio de Janeiro who is devoted to advancing Brazilian literature. Dias was born 45 years ago to the journalist and author, Arnaldo Dias, and the architect, Dulce Garcia Dias. His enjoyment of literature is inherited from his father, who encouraged Dias to begin writing at a young age. Dias has always loved Brazilian literature, and his first book was inspired by João Guimarães Rosa’s novel, The Devil to Pay in the Backlands.

In 1995, Dias began working as a professor at the Carioca Literature Academy, where he taught teenagers who wanted to become authors. His teaching methods were so effective that he became the vice president of the academy in 1997. Though Dias was busy teaching, he also became a prolific writer, and by the age of 30, he had already published ten books. Dias first gained recognition in 2001, when he won the prestigious White Crane literary award. After Dias received this award, his novel Caiu do Céu, which translates to Fell From Heaven, was promoted by the Argentine writer, Josué Gomez, and it became very popular and was sold throughout South America. In 2007, on the 100th year anniversary of the Carioca Literature Academy, Dias was honored for his years of hard work and nominated president of the academy. The academy is now extremely well known for its support of many Brazilian writers and its contributions to journalistic literature.

Dias was invited to begin writing a weekly article for the popular newspaper, Jornal do Brasil, in 2013. His most recent novel is a collection of all of his Jornal do Brasil articles, which discuss his childhood and his memories of his father, Arnaldo Dias. Currently, Jaime Garcia Dias has published a total of twenty books, including Caiu do Céu, Dois Caminhos, Canal, Das Nuvens, and Miúda, and he has become one of the foremost fiction authors in Brazil.


State Unemployment Decreases

Jobs numbers have been announced and the results have shown at different states are rebounding in different degrees. 21 states have shown a decrease in the unemployment rate in June, while twelve states showed an increase in the unemployment rate during the month. The unemployment rate in the remaining states was unchanged in June.

These rates demonstrate an overall improvement in the job picture across the country, with a total of just over 220,000 new jobs added in June. States with increasing number of jobs also expect that the increase in the number of jobs is increase in wage pressures which is leading to higher income for employees in those states.

These unemployment statistics may be hiding a larger tend which is the drop out of a number of individuals from the workforce. A recent study indicated that workforce participation was at its lowest level in 38 years this year. About 63% of people are in the workforce compared to about 66% prior to the recession, these stats were immediately noticed by Christian Broda.

New York gained the most jobs this month with 25,000 jobs added during the month. Currently, Nebraska ha the lowest unemployment rate at 2.6% while West Virginia has the highest at 7.6% rate.

Wage growth is expected by Goldman Sachs to increase 2.75% in 2015 and over 3% in 2016, mostly due to the smaller labor force. However, this wage growth is still historically on the low end of the typical growth of 4 to 6% that is expected in a healthy and growing economy.


Joseph Bismark: A True Leader


Joseph Bismark has made it his professional and spiritual purpose to lead people to success. As a member of the Board of Directors for QI Group of Companies, Bismark has been able to blend spirituality and business to create a progressive environment in which his employees and his company can grow and flourish.

As originally reported on, Joseph Bismark did not just stumble on this method of leadership. From the age of nine, Bismark lived as a monk in the mountains of the Philippines under the name Japa das. When he returned home at the age of seventeen, he was equiped with leadership tools and a deep sense that “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things”. This mindset helped Bismark waste no time in rising to the top. An issue that has been a great motivator for Joseph is the issue of corporate social responsibility. It was through this motivation that he started a foundation called RHYTHM that focuses on CSR (corporate social responsibility). Bismark believes that everyone has the innate power to reach success and that all it takes is a leader or mentor to help encourage them. These spiritual outlooks on business life have made Bismark popular among his employees, especially due to the fact that he has maintained his simple life. His success has not gone to his head, nor has it changed the way he lives. Bismark truly believes the ideals that he preaches, and his employees are reaping the benefits. 

It is because of Joseph’s success mentoring his employees that he has begun reaching out to the general public. Through the creation of his website,, Bismark has discovered an outlet to share his beliefs regarding spiritual awakening, inner peace and service to others. 

Joseph Bismark has proven that blending spirituality with business is a winning combination. Through his mantra “Change the game, do not let the game change you”, he has propelled himself and many others into a level of success that is defined not by what you do, but how and why you do it.