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How Eric Pulier was able to become a successful.

By just taking a glance at Eric Pulier, you cannot believe he is the man behind the creation of more than fifteen companies. Not only is he a renowned Harvard graduate but also a public speaker, a columnist, brilliant technologist and generous philanthropist. Eric can be described as an all rounded person. He has been responsible for building and growing numerous startup companies as he has an idea of what is needed for a business to grow.

Having been born in New Jersey, Eric has always been intrigued by how technology works and what it can do. He showed his interest in technology while he as at a tender age of being a fourth-grade student as he began programming computers.

By the moment he was done with his high school education, he had already begun a database computer company. That proves that indeed Eric was talented on all matters to do with technology. At that age, many young people are always excited to join the University and start having fun, but Eric already had a company under his name. Regardless of having started a database company, he understood the importance of having a good education and that is why he enrolled at Harvard University and earned his degree in English and American Literature. Some of the companies he has started and grown include Xprize and Akana.

Apart from engaging in the business world, Eric involves himself in charitable programs with his record being impressive and long. He has been involved with Painted Turtle Foundation whose aim is offering camp programs where children suffering from chronic illness get a chance have fun and interact with other kids.

He has donated both his time and money to this foundation to see these children happy considering he is a father of four. He takes it as his responsibility to see these children accessing the medical attention they might require and still have an opportunity of enjoying themselves.

Being a father of four, Eric understands the importance of making the children happy. His compassion for children is evident by his creation of Starbright World. This is a tech that aims at building a secure online platform for these children where they have the opportunity of interacting even when not in the camps. Through helping these children, he believes he makes the world a better place for them and the community as a whole.