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Kim Dao Gives Us A Look At A Japanese Apartment

Beauty and lifestyle Youtuber Kim Dao recently gave viewers a tour of the apartment she is moving out of. She has only lived in it for 4 months as she needs a better location, but says that it is very representative of the typical apartment in Tokyo. On of the defining features of apartments in the city is that they are quite small and so space is at a premium.

The first thing that Kim Dao shows us is the front room where you leave your shoes as you enter. She stores things for herself and guests here such as towels, shower caps, and personal care items. She also has a shoe closet that is filled with dozens of her shoes.

The apartment did have a very small room for a washing machine and next to it is a bathroom that is just big enough for a sink and a shower/tub. The toilet is kept in a separate room that is not much wider than the toilet itself.

Kim Dao made due with a kitchen that had just one stovetop and just enough room for a microwave, rice cooker, fridge, and a place to dry dishes. Kim Dao does make good use of the walls, though, and hangs her cooking gear from it.

The other room in her apartment is the single bedroom. The room is dominated by her bed but she does have a dresser, desk, and coffee table as well. As Kim Dao has said the apartment is really quite small, which is typical.


see video here.