Equities First Is Guiding People In The U.K.

People in the U.K. are starting to see how much they are truly benefiting from Equities First. When Equities First initially arrived in the U.K., several years ago, residents looked at the lending solution company as just another financial institution. However, Equities has proved itself and now stands apart from all other financial institutions in the U.K.One of the major ways Equities has helped people in the U.K. is by financially guiding people to open a food establishment. This can be a grocery store, fast-food restaurant, or wholesale store. The food industry is the biggest industry within the U.K., and Equities First learned that quickly. This caused Equities to develop a particular program for individuals wanting to open a food establishment.

The food establishment program has been created to help borrowers in the food industry save as much money as possible. Depending on how much money is borrowed, the borrower and lender build an agreement around a certain amount that must be paid back within a 12 month period. However, this agreement might be for 36 months. That means the borrower has three years to pay back the loan. The overall goal is to allow the sales from the business pay back the loan.

Equities First offers all the essential tools to make sure the borrower succeeds in his/her business. These tools include business coaching, products advisement, and more. All of these tools are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at no charge to the borrower. Equities truly believes they do not succeed unless the borrower succeeds. Equities’ overall goal is not making outrageous interest on every loan. Equities’ goal is to help every borrower never borrow again and possibly even become a lender. Thousands of food businesses within and around the U.K. have been established with the help and guidance of Equities First.


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